Inspiring Destinations To House Sit This Summer

Dawn Ellner

House sitting is fast becoming recognised as the travel hacking tool of choice for vacationers keen to experience their chosen holiday destination from the perspective of a local rather than a tourist.

Offering the opportunity to explore far from the tourist trail, a house sitting stay can completely alter your experience of travel while subsidising your budget and reducing the cost of your stay. house sit this summer

I recently shared 5 reasons to house sit when you travel with the team over at so if you’re not entirely convinced house sitting is for you, take a look at the many benefits I outlined before you read on. house sit this summer

With online house sitting platforms like trustedhousesitters advertising opportunities to house sit in all four corners of the world, it’s easy to find rent free accommodation when you travel. But how do you decide where to house sit?

Here’s a look at some of the most inspiring destinations to house sit this summer (May – September).

For an island escape choose St. Kitts and Nevis

Weather: Expect hot sunny days

An intoxicating mix of blue skies, sea, and sand, the Caribbean federation of St. Kitts and Nevis is perfect for those keen to slow down a gear (or three) this summer.

Our recent house sitting stay on St. Kitts offered paradisiacal views over to neighbouring Nevis along with the opportunity to sample island life.

Read my St Kitts and Nevis travel guides here.

For a cultural retreat choose Copenhagen

Weather: Expect pleasant sunny days with some rain

The coolest kid on the Nordic block, Copenhagen’s cobbled streets and sherbet-hued town houses sit amongst some of Europe’s most popular destinations.

Secure a house sitting stay in Denmark’s royal capital noted for its effortless blend of old and new, and you’ll not be restricted to the well-trodden tourist trail. Explore the city’s trendy Nørrebro district with a local as your guide and sample community life during your time as a temporary resident.

For a really wild escape choose Botswana

Weather: Peak safari season, warm sunny days and cold clear nights

One of Africa’s most popular safari destinations over 40% of Botswana has been given over to national parks and reserves where visitors can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of the wild.

However if the idea of sitting alongside camera clicking tourists on safari is not your idea of fun, considering taking a walk on the wild side and stepping into the shoes of someone who calls the country home.

For an alpine adventure choose Wanaka, New Zealand

Weather: Expect cold crisp days and brilliant blue skies

Queenstown’s lesser known neighbour, the town of Wanaka sits aside a vast cobalt blue lake that was forged by gargantuan glaciers during the most recent ice age.

A vibrant mix of lakefront hipster cafes, ski resorts, and indomitable alpine views, a house sitting stay overlooking Lake Wanaka is ideal for travellers seeking an active escape.

For an chic urban escape choose Williamsburg, NY

Weather: Expect sunny skies and dry days

If hipsters have a Mecca, it’s most certainly Williamsburg, NY. Straddling old and new this Brooklyn neighbourhood is a mish-mash of creativity, cultures, and urban vistas, and is ideal for budget travellers seeking out the best of New York’s cheap eats, live music, and modern art.

Avoid the often overpriced hotel rooms in Manhattan and live like a local in one of New York’s most vibrant enclaves.

For a rural retreat choose the Scottish Highlands

Weather: Warm and often wet days with long summer evenings

Bursting with a rich natural heritage that stretches from the windswept shores of the Northern Isles to the top of the highest Scottish mountains, Scotland’s Highlands should be on the bucket list of every adventure traveller.

Crumbling castles and ancient ruins litter the landscape which plays host to a diverse range of habitats and eco systems. Grab your hiking boots and start your search for a house sitting stay in the Scottish highlands today.


Over the course of the last four years Ben and I have subsidised the cost of travel through nine different countries and have called over 25 different properties home thanks to the concept of house sitting. The experience has completely altered our experience of travel and offered us opportunities we’d never have come across when staying in a hotel or hostel.

From quaint towns and cultural capitals in Europe, to paradisiacal island escapes in the Caribbean, we highly recommend that you consider a house sitting stay for your 2019 summer vacation.

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Do you plan to spend your summer house sitting? Share your plans with us below!