How To Prepare Your Home When You’re Leaving On Vacation

Fun adventures, well-deserved rest, relaxation, and spending time with friends, both old and new — it’s all part of the excitement of travelling.

Just remember, it’s important to put some time and effort into preparing your home before leaving for a vacation. Apply the same level of consideration as you do when planning your vacation, and ensure your home is safe and secure with these helpful tips.



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Give away or throw out any perishable food or beverages, such as milk, that are reaching their expiration date. Empty your trash cans of any garbage. Dust around your home and vacuum your carpets to prevent a buildup of grime while you’re away. If you have a lawn, mow and weed it before you leave.

Make sure to do any remaining laundry and put it away. Completing your cleaning checklist is not just about maintenance, coming home to a clean house with no immediate chores to catch up with will continue your feeling of post-vacation bliss.


When you’re away from home it can be comforting to know that there’s someone there, looking after the day-to-day tasks that you’d usually keep on top of yourself.

Not only that, if you have a pet, a house sitter can save you the cost of kennelling your animals, and reduce the any anxiety of stress felt by your pets during your absence.

I’ve travelled the world as a house and pet sitter and can tell you that every home and pet owner I have sat for has just raved about how the concept has helped them find travel freedom. Click the link below to view current sitters available to travel to your area.

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This includes newspapers and box subscriptions if you will be gone longer than a couple of weeks. You can have your mail held in a ‘keep safe’ by your local post office by going to Royal Mail online and filling out the application form. They will hold it up for up to 100 days.

Mail piling up attracts potential burglars by alerting them to the fact that no one is home to receive it. Taking this safety precaution is an important step toward protecting your home.


Remove all dead foliage and blooms. Water your plants generously just before you leave to make sure the soil stays hydrated, and keep them in a shady area. You can also create your own self-watering system or purchase water bulbs. Additionally, you can ask a close friend or family member to check in on your plants, or if you’ve found a house sitter they can keep an eye on them instead.

If you have a garden, consider hiring the services of a landscaping company or a local gardener. Also, remember to harvest any ripe vegetables before you go.


Reduce energy consumption and lower your electricity bill by investing in a digital thermostat installation. These thermostats allow you to control your HVAC system remotely using a Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone. This is very convenient when you’re away from home and suddenly remember you left the air conditioner on. As your trip ends, adjust the temperature beforehand and arrive back home to a comfortable abode.


This is another safety measure to ward of burglars. Setting your lights on a timer gives the impression someone is home. You’ll also conserve more energy this way versus leaving a light on all the time when you’re away. There are a variety of light timers available to purchase as well as directions for setup. Placing motion-activated lights outside your home is also another great option.

Follow these tips and enjoy peace of mind while on your vacation. Your home sweet home will be waiting for you exactly as you left it.

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