What to Pack For Your First Company Hang Out Abroad

When you go on a work getaway, while it can be a time to relax and have a bit of a holiday, a lot of the time, you will still need to get some work done. This means you need to take a miniature office with you, so you are prepared for anything. 

Whether you work in administration or manage a large team, are flying commercial or on a corporate jet, here are the essentials you need to pack when travelling for a company getaway. 

Travel paperwork

The first thing you need to remember is your paperwork. This ranges from your passport to your insurance documents and any medical prescriptions you may have. While this applies to any trip aboard, many may think they are covered in some areas if they are travelling with their company. 

Whether you are travelling for business by yourself or with your business, you still need all of your own documentation. 


The next thing to will need is your laptop. There is no way you’ll be able to get any work done if you don’t bring your own laptop. If you don’t have one you can travel with, the next best thing is to take a tablet. 


The biggest problem when working aboard is the distractions. There is so much to do and see that it is hard to stay focussed for the time you need to get your work done. This is why you need a pair of noise-cancelling headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones will also help you sleep, especially if you are travelling long distances for a very short time. Many business trips require you to be on a plane for longer than you’re in your hotel; you will need to get some sleep. 

Power adaptors 

When travelling abroad, more often than not, you will stay somewhere that doesn’t use the same type of plugs you use. This means you need to pack an international adaptor to ensure you can charge all of your devices no matter where you are. 

Packing cubes

If you have to pack smart, then the best thing to use is packing cubes. They allow you to compartmentalize your clothing and gear and make it easier to find and unpack what you need without having to empty your entire bag. 

Notebooks and pens

Never underestimate the power of a notebook and a pen. Not only is it easier to take proper notes on the go, but they are also helpful if you don’t have access to your laptop or a computer while travelling. 

Formal wear

One thing you may not think about when you are packing is what you will wear. If you are going to the beach, you will probably throw some Summer clothes in a bag and call it a day. However, a little more thought is required in the case of business travel

If you are travelling for work, you will be expected to attend meetings or business video calls. This means you need to pack a suit for formal wear to ensure that even though you are on “holiday,” you can still look the part. 

Internet dongle 

Depending on where you are or how long you spend travelling by bus or train, there is a very good chance you won’t have access to a good internet connection. This means you need to bring your own. 

An internet dongle will give you access to great internet no matter where you are and ensure you can constantly get work done. 

Data roaming

You’ll likely spend some downtime out and about in your destination so it’s advisable to ensure you have a data roaming bolt-on activated on your phone plan, or buy a local eSIM to use for the duration of your stay.

Power bank

Much like the internet, you may not know when you will next be able to charge your devices. If you are working on the plane or while you travel, you won’t have a power source to hand once your devices die. 

Nowadays, dozens of power banks can be charged in an hour or two and can power your laptop and phone for over 24 hours. They are also small and relatively lightweight and can be stored in a backpack or handbag.