The Best Photography Destinations for Nature Lovers

I’m a passionate photographer and love documenting my experiences to share here on the blog.

I’ve been all over the world and seen some truly remarkable natural wonders and amazing architecture. Now though, I’m turning my lens towards wildlife and the top destinations I’d love to go and snap some curious creatures.


The Kalahari Desert truly has some awe-inspiring animals to photograph. For me though, I’d have to say the Savannah has to be the top of my African safari bucket list.

Maybe it’s just from watching the Lion King all those times as a kid but for me there are so many amazing species spread out across the plain that you just can’t pass up a chance to go there.

Sure, we’ve all seen these magnificent creatures cooped up in some awful zoo, but to see them free and roaming in their natural habitat would be an unforgettable experience that should speak to the romantic in all of us. To make the most of a journey through the Savannah, a safari guide is highly recommended- well, you wouldn’t want to walk, would you?

From the protection and great vantage point of your vehicle, and information from expert guides, you’ll have the perfect view to take all those stunning pics of elephants, lions, zebra, giraffes and hyenas.

What’s more, you could even go out at night with a night-vision camera and pick up some fantastically eerie pics that would be otherwise unseen- the jungle never sleeps!


The Amazon can’t be rivalled for its diverse wildlife amongst the dense foliage of the world’s largest rain forest and river. I have to say in the past I’ve not been a fan of creepy crawlies- especially the mosquitoes that get through my net in hotter climes!

I’ve got this dream of discovering my own animal species and naming it after myself and apparently the Amazon is by far the best place for discovering hundreds of new species all the time.

I read somewhere if you go to the Amazon, hang a white blanket between two trees and shine a torch on it at night, you’ll discover at least one new species of insect landing there before sunrise. In terms of larger fauna hidden away in the undergrowth, you should be able to finds sloths (so slow moving moss grows on them), tamarin monkeys (you’ll hear them first) as well as tapirs, parrots and colourful (hopefully not poisonous) frogs.

Meanwhile, in the river there are mysteriously huge fish to try and snap on a boat tour as well as the famous yet critically endangered pink Amazon River dolphins. Just don’t lean over too far or the piranhas will get you!


I can’t think of a more stunning backdrop than Alaska for capturing some of the world’s most beautiful creatures with my camera. In Alaska you’ve got everything! I’d love to kayak in the bays and fjords and snap beluga whales, orcas and walruses with the background of glass table waters and rising glaciers dominating the background.

After that, I’d go on a train through the tundra, mountains passes and forests to snap bears hunting salmon as we cross a bridge or bald eagles circling over bison, moose and elks with the rugged Rocky Mountains beyond. For this one, I’d definitely recommend taking a powerful zoom lens for your camera.

It’s so vast and open out there in the great expanse of wilderness that it’s unlikely you’ll get as close as you’d normally be able to get to most of the animals- although you’ll spot them easily. One way to get even closer to the wildlife though is to take a husky ride and get down and dirty up-close and personal.


A list of animal photography wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the islands famous for Darwin coming up with his theory of evolution.

The Galapagos has some of the most varied, weird and numerous animals on the planet spread across its 19 islands. I’m sure we’ve all seen footage from nature documentaries of snakes trying to catch iguanas, all the wacky and wonderful bird species flocking the trees and cliffs, such as blue-footed boobies, flightless cormorants and Darwin finches, plus the legendary giant tortoises.

Meanwhile, in the sea with your waterproof camera, you have giant rays, hammerhead sharks and even migrating whales to snap! The backdrop and scenery are just as photogenic with the parched lava fields looking like ripples of water frozen still in time or giant pumice stones with creatures hiding in them.