How To Get Off The Beaten Path In Kenya

Have you ever wanted to experience Kenya’s vibrant colors, diverse cultures, and exquisite wildlife? Whether you’re an experienced adventure-seeker or a first-time traveler, the opportunities that await in this majestic African country are sure to captivate even the most seasoned travelers.

Due to its history as a trading post between Europe, Asia, and Africa throughout centuries, Kenya is home to multiple faiths, such as Christianity and Islam, as well as traditional teachings like Orature (oral literature), which dates back thousands of years. With so much history to explore combined with its lush landscapes providing natural beauty at every turn, there’s something for everyone looking for adventure in Kenya!

Get a Kenyan e-Visa

An electronic visa to Kenya is a must-have for everyone who would like to visit this beautiful country. The Kenya e-Visa is a single-entry permit valid for 3 months. It is very easy to obtain it, as the whole process of application is done online.

You don’t need to visit the embassy or consulate – just grab your device with an internet connection, visit our website, complete the visa form, and cover the fee. After approval, you will receive your e-Visa in PDF form via email. It is advisable to print it out as proper authorities will check it out at the border crossing.

Explore the traditional music of Kenya, such as benga and nyatiti

Traditional music in Kenya is incredibly diverse and has been heavily influenced by both African and foreign cultures. For example, Benga is an upbeat music style developed by the Luo people that incorporates elements from Brazilian samba, South African kwela, and Congolese rumba.

Meanwhile, the nyatiti is an exciting lute-like instrument popular among the Luhya tribe. This unique string instrument has a distinct buzzing sound that can be heard in many traditional songs throughout Kenya. It’s clear to see “the beat of Africa” in the rhythms and melodies of these musical styles!

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Discover the Swahili language – spoken by over five million people in Kenya

Learning Swahili is one of the best ways to connect to the culture of Kenya. Originally an ancient Bantu dialect, over five million people in Kenya now primarily speak this fascinating language. The unique phrases and syntax make it a beautiful addition to any language palette.

Its origin story is quite interesting – it has long been used as a common language among merchants trading goods between different East African countries. Still, it has its roots deeply embedded in both Arabic and African traditions.

Uncover the unique cuisine of Kenya, which includes ugali and mukimo

The cuisine of Kenya is as vibrant and alive as its culture and traditions. From Nairobi to Mombasa, Kenyan chefs tailor classic African dishes like ugali, a cornmeal-based dish, mukimo, made from mashed potatoes, and nyama choma, chargrilled meat.

Tangy pieces of matoke (a type of plantain), succulent mandazi, sweet mwavi cakes, and variously flavored with cumin, cardamom, cilantro, and more. In communities far away from the large cities, traditional foods are still prepared in clay pots over wood fires, with traditional recipes passed down through the generations.

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Learn about the traditional dress and fashion of different Kenyan tribes

Each Kenyan tribe holds unique customs, one of which is fashion. Traditional clothing varies from one region to another and often reflects their beliefs and spiritual practices. While some tribes wear clothing similar to modern styles, others prefer more traditional fabrics such as goat skin.

Additionally, adornment is common, with facial markings and jewelry being worn across various tribes as symbols of tradition and social status – showing just how different each culture really is. Dressing up in the many diverse fashions that can be seen throughout Kenya is not only aesthetically pleasing but visually expresses the history, customs, and beliefs of this fascinating country.

Understand local customs and traditions, including wedding ceremonies and funeral rites

Kenya is an incredibly vibrant and dynamic place, full of warm and hospitable people. A unique variety of customs and traditions exist across the country. It is essential to understand these local practices – especially wedding ceremonies and funeral rites.

Traditional weddings are full of energy and involve singing, dancing, colorful clothing, plant decoration, and special foods, such as ugali. Funeral rites also include lively music in some areas, as well as specific rituals to honor the departed.