Cost Cutting Endeavours For Travel

Flying might be a means to an end, a way of getting from A to B, but if you can cut costs and grab a bargain, you’ll feel like you’re flying without wings, in more ways than one!

You can cut costs not only on your flight price, but also on the other logistical elements of your travel day, such as by booking airport parking in advance. This is something I do without even thinking about it now, because it is as essential as my flight.

Being able to leave when I feel ready, stopping for a coffee en-route to the airport, and knowing that it is all under my own control, is a great feeling, and it is also cheaper than public transport for me. I’d recommend anyone able to drive to look into this,airport parking specialists ParkBCP offer some fantastic rates that will make you wonder why you didn’t try it before!

Money saved on getting to the airport, and a cheap flight with a few corners cut to make it even cheaper, really will enhance your holiday, because you will have more money to spend once you’re there. Don’t forget to consider the best flight times and layover combinations to avoid a bad case of jet lag on arrival.

So, how can you cut corners on that flight and make it even cheaper?

Well, look at who you fly with for a start. If you can use a low cost airline, do it, because you’ll always find your flight is less in cost than the larger airlines. I guess you could say the clue is in the title! Additionally, look at whether you really do need to add a suitcase onto your booking, or whether you can utilise an airline with a more generous hand luggage allowance, and manage without having to add up to £40 on the price of your flight.

Suitcases really do cost, and if you can be ruthless with what you take, buy your toiletries at the airport, and wear some of your heaviest gear to travel in, you might just get away with it. I’ve done it before, and I’m not known to be a light traveller, so I prove it can be done!

Finding a cheaper fare can also be down to when you fly. Try not to be too rigid in your search demands, and look at flying mid-week if at all possible. Weekend flights are always going to be more expensive, basically because of demand, so if you can be flexible, then open up your search and save.

The quest to save money takes time and perseverance, but it can be done!

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