9 of Europe’s Most Scenic Destinations For Travel Photographers

Europe’s scenery is among the world’s most varied, not to mention beautiful. From the balmy waters of the Canary Islands to the historic shores of Greece, the continent is multi-faceted to say the least.

With so much on offer, it’s hard to pinpoint just one location that offers the most picturesque of views so here are nine scenic destinations for travel photographers.


With a volcano whose summit is the highest point in the Canary Islands, and a surrounding natural park with unmatched panoramic views, a trip to Tenerife is as close as it gets to an otherworldly experience on earth.

Closer to sea level, the rock faces of Los Gigantes show a wilder side to the island – they’re 500 metres tall! Inland, there’s no shortage of undulating valleys and mountainsides which help to make Tenerife one of Europe’s most scenic locations.


Jetting off to Portugal rewards holidaymakers with the best of Mediterranean and Atlantic coastal delights. The town of Lagos is surrounded by lagoons and golden sands where you’ll want to laze for days on end – and many do just that!

You can lose yourself in these serene waters simply by looking at them, that is if you’re not diving amid the waves all afternoon. The Algarve coast is equally alluring, with long-stretching beaches made for kicking back and forgetting about the wider world.


In recent years, Croatia has emerged as the go-to destination for those who are looking for an idyllic retreat of lush landscapes and opalescent waters. In fact, I recently enjoyed a Yacht Getaway sailing the country’s Dalmatian Archipelago.

The country is blessed with several national parks, the most famous of which is Krka National Park. Comprising tranquil waterfalls set amidst lakes and man-made boardwalks, a visit here ensures bliss and more than your fair share of iconic holiday photos.


Italy’s combination of eye-catching cityscapes and rolling countryside make it one of Europe’s most popular destinations. From the grandeur of Rome to the calm beauty of the Tuscan hills, Italy is very easy on the eye.

The coastal towns and rugged landscapes of the Cinque Terre, on the Italian Riviera, are among the most scenic places in the country. Enjoy sweeping vistas with a glass of local wine in hand…


From enriching artefacts and ruins to dreamy seaside towns, Greece ticks a lot of holiday boxes. For a cultured retreat into traditional Greek ways of life, visit the Old Town of Corfu and immerse yourself in times long since past.

You’ll come across quaint buildings set against a hilly backdrop and the Ionian Sea. Rhodes is an equally picturesque island, and is also a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its historic past has left a real impact on the architecture here, so keep your eyes peeled for stunning buildings and fortresses from distant empires.


Nowhere in Europe is more romantic than the Scottish Highlands. From the craggy peaks and snowy valleys of the Cairngorms to the barren and beautiful Western Isles, Scotland’s landscapes are the stuff of myths and legends.

Amidst this majestic scenery, you’ll find castles, standing stone circles and, of course, whisky distilleries!

Mainland Spain

A trip to Spain embodies Mediterranean scenery at its finest. Whether you’re reveling in Gaudi architecture in Barcelona, or gazing out from the comfort of one of the country’s many resorts, you’ll be sure to find postcard-perfect sights of the highest order.

You can’t have beauty without palm trees, and Costa Blanca has both in abundance. Its name translates as White Shore – flying in, you’ll soon see why.


Further east, Bulgaria encompasses a combination of alpine wonders and coastal treasures that will cater for all tastes. The beaches by the Black Sea offer tranquillity, whereas Plovdiv’s old town boasts old traditional buildings that make for the perfect holiday photo to capture your time here.

Sunny Beach provides everything visitors could want – toasted sands set on the foot of whimsical seas, which are simply made for enjoying a glass of Bulgarian wine to.


Head north to Norway for a landscape like nowhere else on earth: the Norwegian fjords. From craggy cliffs, picturesque waterfalls crash into crystal clear waters and giant glaciers stretch into the distance.

Many people choose to take a cruise through this impressive coastal region, as it is probably the best way to see the fjords up close. Quaint rural towns and villages make the perfect places to stop and take everything in.

Whatever your preference, a holiday in Europe guarantees scenery of the highest calibre. From the coasts of Spain to the lakes of Croatia, you’d better pack a camera or risk not capturing astounding views that will stick with you forever.

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