7 Ways to Preserve Your Travel Memories and Decorate Your Favourite Places

When you have happy, varied and special moments to look back on, your life is fuller, and you feel more content. So why not take the opportunity to celebrate these memories in your home decor?

Travelling is fast-paced, and things can change drastically from day to day, whether you’re heading to a new destination or you’re simply trying something different from one day to the next, moments on the road are fleeting which means you have to preserve as many of those memories as you can.

Want to transform your special memories into cute keepsakes? Here’s how:

Create your own travel art

Your phone or camera is probably fit to burst with all the photographs you took whilst abroad. So, let them out! Don’t be one of those people who keep all their incredible memories trapped inside a memory card, get your images downloaded and printed as soon as you get home.

You could opt for traditional photograph prints or print them out on canvas and hang them up on display for everyone to see. Posters, prints, wall tiles, the possibilities are endless and it’s a simple yet effective way of keeping those travel memories alive.

Start collecting postcards

This one requires you to be a little proactive whilst on your travels. If your itinerary is jam-packed with lots of different destinations then picking up a simple postcard from each country, town, or city will create a fabulous little collection of memories you can store away safely or even add to a travel scrapbook.

Set up an Instagram account

If you’re not fussed about having physical representations of your adventures, consider setting up a travel Instagram account and uploading photos as and when you travel. It’s a great way to catalogue your journey and means that you can easily share the link with friends and family who what to keep up to date with your trip.

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Make a memory box

Again, this one is perfect for those who are proactive in their memory-making. A memory box is a simple idea but it’s the perfect place to store your favourite travel memories. You can get it out and look at its contents whenever you wish. Fill it with postcards, travel tickets, receipts, photographs and other travel mementoes.

Create a natural keepsake

If your travels involved plenty of sandy beaches and tropical climates then why not bring a little piece of the tropics home with you? Purchase a small glass bottle online or wash out and reuse a jam jar, and then simply take this with you, filling it with sand from every beach you set foot on. Only take a small amount of sand though, it’s better for the environment and you won’t want to lug around a really heavy jar!

Display leftover currency

Little coins and a few notes, it’s normal to have some leftover money from your travels. Instead of having it stuck in your purse forever, consider displaying your leftover coins and notes in a pinboard, or creating a display that’s filled with money from all the places you’ve visited; you can add to it every time you travel somewhere new.

Make a travel movie

You don’t have to have aspirations to be the next big travel blogger to start vlogging. Film is simply the best way to keep hold of your travel memories, especially if you have been on a scenic trip, and enjoy them with friends and family. Try to film as much as you can on the road, edit everything when you get back home, add some great music and titles… voila! Your very own travel movie. Uploading to YouTube is optional!