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22 Traits Of True Adventure Travellers

Ahhhh adventure, the driving force behind our desire to experience the world in which we live. But at what point are you deemed ‘qualified’ to call yourself an adventure traveller?

What are the personality traits and lifestyle choices which inform us that you’ve crossed over into the realms of perpetual exploration?

Camp out among the grass and gentians of glacier meadows, in craggy garden nooks full of Nature’s darlings.

– John Muir

Here at Wanderlusters HQ we’ve compiled a fail safe check list of tell tales signs you are an adventure traveller.

How many apply to you?

Tell tale signs that you’re an adventure traveller

✈ The prospect of embarking on a journey without any form itinerary leaves you unfazed. Why attempt to plan when life will lead you down the correct path? One likely filled with opportunity and exploration.

Skydiving Guy James via photopin cc
Skydiving by Guy James via photopin cc

✈ Your credit card statement looks like Bear Grylls’ weekly shopping list.

Combi camping by spieri_sf via photopin cc
Combi camping by spieri_sf via photopin cc

✈ Your parents believe that you should invest in a house, put down roots and have children. You think you’d rather invest in some sailing equipment with which to travel the world on a yacht, or super lightweight, breathable, water proof, wind proof camping gear with a built in foot spa, and live as full time as an epic adventurer.

Off shore sailing by wili_hybrid via photopin cc

✈ You can fashion a suitable pillow from almost anything, and you know you could sleep through a tornado, on a boat, whilst being slapped with a wet fish.

Paragliding by Zanthia via photopin cc
Paragliding by Zanthia via photopin cc

✈ You’ve mastered the art of packing light, and all of your worldly possessions fit into a 55L backpack.

Kayaking Lake Wanaka by Benjamin Jones

Wilderness camping is to you what a weekend shopping in NYC is to the Kardashian clan.

Wilderness camping by Zach Dischner via photopin cc
Wilderness camping by Zach Dischner via photopin cc

✈ Long haul flights are a blessing not a terrible bore, they give you time to recuperate and catch up on some sleep.

Flying high by neilalderney123 via photopin cc
Flying high by neilalderney123 via photopin cc

✈ You’ve learnt how to say ‘I’m lost, where am I on this map?’ in at least ten languages.

Tractor hitchhiking
Hitchhiking by Jamie Bowlby Whiting

✈ Home has become a convenient pit stop to re stock and re fuel for your next adventure.

Planning my travels by Khánh Hmoong via photopin cc
Planning my travels by Khánh Hmoong via photopin cc

✈ Your family and friends no longer try and deter you when you tell them of your next great quest, they merely nod and sigh. Don’t feel deflated; those muggles have no sense of adventure…

Canoe safari by Benjamin Jones

✈ The thought of an all-inclusive resort makes you want to jump off a cliff…wearing a parachute…or perhaps a jet pack.

Scuba diving the Coral Sea by Benjamin Jones

✈ Tourist traps are to you what kryptonite is to Superman.

Ziplinning by jjay69 via photopin cc
Zip linning by jjay69 via photopin cc

✈ You tell people that there is a skilful art to reusing dirty underwear, it’s all in the rotation pattern.

Hiking the Darien Gap via Expert Vagabond
Hiking the Darien Gap Expert Vagabond

✈ Your feet are the most important part of your anatomy and are groomed more often than your hair. Blisters, painful corns and battered toe nails hamper your ability to explore, bad hair simply means you might not be invited out to dinner that evening.

wilderness camping by nwpuzzlr via photopin cc
wilderness camping by nwpuzzlr via photopin cc

✈ Your bucket list is full of dare devil activities, epic road trips and endurance challenges in far flung corners of the globe.

Underground selfie by Benjamin Jones

✈ You often throw caution to the wind and lick the remains of icebergs, sample local delicacies of unknown origin, and your own home brews of unimaginable alcohol content to keep you warm while sleeping under the stars.

Iceberg refreshment by Benjamin Jones

✈ You’ve found yourself lost in the wilderness at dusk more times than Homer Simpson has said ‘Doh’.

Mountain climbing by Charlie Stinchcomb via photopin cc
Mountain climbing by Charlie Stinchcomb via photopin cc

✈  You view a hot shower and a flushing toilet as a luxury not a necessity.

White Water on the Hawea River by Benjamin Jones

✈ While travelling you’ve never sent a postcard, bought a souvenir or taken a ‘this is me with – insert name of location – style photograph…and then posted it to Facebook.

Utah adventure by Benjamin Jones

✈ You could pack your life into a bag in less than two minutes, and would be out of the door thirty seconds later if adventure came calling.

Hiking across an active volcano by Benjamin Jones

✈ You’ve eaten more species of animal than you can count…some of them raw.

Summit Zach Dischner via photopin cc

✈ And last but not least…ADVENTURE is your middle name.

So what do you think, are you a true adventure traveller?

✈ ✈ ✈

Can you call yourself an adventure traveller or do you have a few of your own requirements that we’ve missed out?

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  1. Yes! I can agree that family (not necessarily my parents) and society in general thinks I should be settled with kids. I have a flat, I rent it in my home country.

    I feel at home abroad. Currently I feel more settled in Greece than my home country.

    I am undertaking an adventure of a lifetime at the end of June: a container ship trip from Greece to HKG!

    You can read about that here:

    Thanks for this post.

  2. It’s all relative… we’re certainly not adventurous compared to those that give up the ‘norm’ and travel as a way of life. However, our friends and family consider our holidays to be adventurous compared to what they would do. My Mum often complains where the pictures are of me when I show her our latest pics… but I don’t need any proof I was there, I want to remember what I saw through my eyes! Anyway, who the hell sends postcards these days… I could never be arsed to find a post office before wifi let alone now 😉

    1. Ha! Do you know I always send my Grandmother a postcard each time we arrive in a new country. It brings her so much joy to receive something from us in the mail. With no net connection I think she feels a little left out of the loop with regard to staying in touch with us.

      Great to hear you’re enjoying your adventures. The best memories are the postcards we keep in our minds 🙂

  3. Love what you wrote about grooming your feet more than your hair and the rotation on underwear!
    Unfortunately I just can’t sleep on hard surfaces any more as my hips won’t take it.
    Be careful drinking the home-brew alcohol. Tourists (or adventurers in your case)sometimes die from drinking toxic alcohol in Indonesia.

    1. Hi Kathryn, sorry to hear about your hips but then I suppose that’s a good excuse to stipulate sleeping on something soft and cosy! Do you know a hour after I published this I saw an article on a young British girl who passed away recently due to ingesting poisoned alcohol while trekking in Indonesia. I felt very irresponsible condoning such reckless abandon so I’ve edited that point very slightly. Thanks for highlighting it.

      1. Hi Charli, I’m sorry my comment made you feel bad. Just thought I had to mention it as I have about so many cases in the news over the last few years. It’s a real problem there.

        1. No not at all! Please don’t be concerned with expressing any opinions you have. I really value the feedback of our readership. We invite conversation on the topics we cover here on Wanderlusters. Thank you for your thought provoking input.

  4. Love this post! I tick all the boxes except 2. My parents don’t want me to settle because they are stoked to travel to destinations and visit me for holidays. I can’t quite speak 10 languages but can say “I don’t know/I’m lost” whilst pointing to a map in a few languages. The rest are all me to a T pretty much 🙂 especially being able to fashion a suitable pillow from almost anything and could sleep through a tornado, on a boat, while being slapped with a wet fish. Even though I used to be the lightest sleeper on the planet

  5. Haha great post! I consider myself to be adventurous although I have to say I will NEVER and I mean never- not even for a million dollars- eat a tarantula. I think I would die before it got to my lips. haha

  6. Woohoo I identify with almost all of these! Lol especially the fashioning a suitable pillow from almost anything, and sleeping through anything!

  7. I think adventure is something personal and so different, ss long as you challenge yourself, there is no limitation! Love this one: “your feet are the most important part of my anatomy and are groomed more often than your hair” that’s so true! 😉

  8. Haha, fun list! But, I think the not posting a picture or sending a post card might be a bit extreme. I mean, even the most adventurous person wants a picture of themselves being adventurous! 🙂


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