Packing Tips For Active Weekend Getaways With Friends

When planning an active getaway, you must pack accordingly and ensure that you have the suitable clothing, footwear, and kit for whatever adventures await. The easiest way to do this is to write a packing list with everything on your itinerary.

In addition to your activewear and activity kit, it’s increasingly important to ensure you pack the tech items, such as a smartphone and camera, that you just can’t live without. If you’re unsure how to pack your tech, check ExpressVPN’s infographic on how to pack your digital survival kit

About to embark on a weekend trip with friends? Here are some packing tips to take into consideration:

Choose the right luggage

Wheeled luggage, such as the medium-sized Eminent suitcase, can be incredibly useful for any kind of trip. Not only is it exceptionally lightweight, but its four sturdy wheels make it unbelievably easy to control. This makes a huge difference when you’re facing tight transport deadlines or need to switch airports quickly. Moreover, the medium size offers a great capacity that suits the majority of trips without taking up too much space in the car or plane cabin. With wheeled suitcases on your side, you’ll make traveling much simpler – regardless of your destination!

While a wheeled suitcase may seem like the most practical option, think about the terrain you’ll be exploring over the weekend and decide whether a convertible wheeled pack like this one from Eagle Creek or a backpack would be better suited.

As well as the style, consider the capacity. Unless you must take bulky winter layers or heavy sports equipment, the smaller the capacity bag you can manage with, the better. You’ll quickly zip through airport transfers and easily navigate urban public transport with a smaller bag. Lighter and more compact bags are also easier to carry.

Refine your packing list

Once you’ve chosen your bag, it’s time to refine your packing list and wheedle out any unnecessary extras to save weight and space. 

Check your itinerary and pick out the essential pieces of kit you absolutely must have, like hiking boots or a wetsuit. Then look at the forecast for your stay and get creative with your wardrobe. Pick clothing items you can layer up if needed and lightweight shoes that pack down easily. Choose fabrics that wick away sweat and dry quickly so you can wash them overnight and re-wear them if needed.

Don’t forget your tech survival kit

This is entirely personal to you and will depend on your trip requirements; however, an essential part of your tech survival kit will likely be your camera. Ensure you have the right charging cables and look at increasing your cloud storage or buying additional SD cards to make sure you can point and shoot photos when required.

A basic tech survival kit could include the following:

  • Data storage device for electronic copies of important documents
  • Power banks for on-the-go-charging
  • Prepaid SIM or ESIM
  • Charging cables and plug adapters

Don’t forget your smartphone. It’s an essential part of your survival kit helping you navigate new destinations, search for local attractions, and stay in contact with loved ones back home. Hence protecting these devices is paramount. You can use these wooden phone cases from Carved to do just that.

Pack like a pro

Once you’ve chosen your luggage and collated your packing list, consider the best way to pack your items. One of the most space-efficient ways to pack is by packing cubes and compression sacks. Both options offer organization and enable you to pack more into smaller spaces.


Remember, traveling with hand luggage alone can save you money on the total cost of your flights, and if you’re not flying to your destination, packing light will make it easier to navigate public transport.

Conclusion: streamlining what you pack for a weekend getaway will significantly benefit your travel experience.