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Benjamin Jones

The adrenaline capital of New Zealand, visiting Queenstown is a rite of passage for many adventure hungry travellers exploring the wilds of New Zealand.

Whether a keen snowboarder, mountain biker, hiker or even paraglider, there are plenty of activities on offer to keep you entertained morning, noon and night.

However there’s one attraction in Queenstown which requires little need for sports equipment and a sense of adventure.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…the Fergburger.

A staple source of sustenance for Queenstown’s backpackers, seasonal workers and adrenaline junkies Mr Ferg hails from humble beginnings.

Initially served from just a hole in the wall, this burger joint has taken the concept of meat and bun to phenomenal heights.

Not usually one to dabble with this particular culinary favourite I cast aside my preconceived ideas of the lowly fast food burger and agreed to give Ferg a try.


An Ode To FergBurger

A fast food restaurant FergBurger is definitely not.

Not just because the average wait time is over 20 minutes, but because queueing for your Ferg is like wrestling for a space at the bar of a trendy nightclub.

Yes…I did just use the word trendy, yes..I know it makes me sound like my mother and yes…I am only 26 and should know better.

Joining the ever present queue I stand atop the iconic metal emblem set into the pavement outside.

The cool kids fresh from the slopes are clad in their colourful ski wear, burgers on the brain after a hard day up on the neighbouring Remarkables Ski Fields.

The minutes pass by and I’m beginning to think perhaps giving into temptation during ‘rush hour’ was a bad idea.

As I reach the counter I am handed a menu. Pleasantly surprised by the wealth of choice and the reference to so much fresh produce I make my selection and move inside.


An Ode To FergBurger

I realise you may have thought my initial nightclub comparison may have been exaggerated for effect however it is at this point the similarities are really evident.

There are people everywhere.

With every step on my hunt for free floor space on which to stand, I have to apologise as I push past another hungry body.

The music blares loudly from the speakers and fashionable twenty somethings watch and wait for their number to be called.

Of course it’s not just the backpackers and working holiday travellers who are waiting for their dinner. Ferg’s combination of fresh produce and gargantuan portions are popular with local residents.

Families sit by the tables in the small forecourt and devour the easy meal after school and after a day climbing Bobs Peak or hiking the Tiki Trail.


An Ode To FergBurger

While Ferg provides sustenance for those adventurous sorts who are out and about during the day, this one of a kind burger bar also caters for night owls. Those late night party animals who are in need of something substantial to soak up their tequila shots before stumbling home to bed.

Open for a whopping 21 hours every day, I have yet to walk past and find the place completely empty.


If you’ve managed to visit Queenstown and avoid hearing any reference to the one and only FergBurger I salute you.

You are the anomaly.

As someone who values their health, fast food is not something that regularly features on my menu plan but I suppose if we were going to argue the point a FergBurger is in no way delivered at a rapid pace.

My point is that the FergBurger is unlike any burger I have come across before.

Served in a bun – the size of small child’s head – baked fresh each morning by the FergBakery next door and bursting with fresh ingredients, no comparison can be made between the Ferg and a traditional fast food equivalent.

An ode To FergBurger

I went for the tempured tofu burger.

Served with a spicy satay, coconut and coriander dressing, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, snow pea shoots and aioli, I devoured it in record time.

Jeepers I’m salivating.

In short a visit to sample the delights of the FergBurger are a customary Queenstown itinerary addition.

Don’t miss out on the experience. Hop over to the FergBurger Menu and allow your tastebuds to dream.

✈ ✈ ✈

No, this is not a sponsored post. The FergBurgers really are that good!

Have you been to visit Mr Ferg? Share your burger tales with us below.

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  1. Cant believe how many blog posts I’ve read in the last week on Fergburgers!! Must be a load of bloggers down in New Zealand recently. A great burger indeed. Did you try Burger Fuel? I actually preferred Burger Fuel in the end as it was cheaper and not as big! Fergburger is a beast of a meal. Jonny

    1. That is a good point Jonny. Ben and I devoured a whole burger each on our first Ferg outing but come the 2nd time around we opted to share. Unless you’ve had a hard day off piste you really don’t need a whole one. Although you could always buy one and save half for later!

  2. Fergburger is the best! It’s the perfect Queenstown food, a big delicious burger after a hard day of skiing or an adrenaline filled day of bungy or canyon swing or whatever. Yum!

  3. Oh yes! They say they make the best burgers in the world and I bet they really do. For me it was definitely the best burger I ever had. And I think indeed that it is an experience you have to make when being in Queenstown, it has become a kind of sight haha everyone recommends it and I never met anyone who didn’t like it. So guys if you haven’t tried the Fergburger, try it the next time you’re in Queenstown! 🙂

  4. Part of the ever-growing ‘whore to the ferg’ fraternity for about 10 years now – previously on a twice weekly basis (once twice in a day), geographically challenged, was forced to cold turkey back to about every 2 years.

    Originally from drunken stumblings to the hole in the wall for a ‘dirty ferg’ which for most single beer-stumbling snowboarders was (and probably still is) the next best thing to pulling – although waking up next to half-eaten burger stuck to your face is never a good look.

    The great thing about ferg is consistency. Loyalty. No matter how late you stayed out, ferg loves you. Top quality burgers, a humble beast that chose never to expand, stuck to it’s grass-fed roots, and still 10 years later, is a joy to return to. Even in daylight. No less wanton.

    And after all this time, Ferg still delivers (actually, it annoyingy doesn’t – which is also why it’s always so damned busy). But for the average ferg lover who may on occasion fear change (mine’s a tropical swine), even the menu was the same. Because it works. It’s always good to know that Ferg still loves you and we love Ferg. As good as the first bite. An institution. Long live the Ferg!

  5. Erm, tofu burger? Fergs burgers are truly phenomenal. The chief wiggum and big al are where you should be pitching to warrant ferg a true review. Meal in a brown paper bag. Tofu is for salads.

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