How to Start Your Own Travel Blog

Thinking of starting a travel blog? It’s important to find a niche and write in a tone that is authentic to you. If you work hard on your blog and set it up with SEO and user experience in mind, you’ll soon build a loyal audience.

As we all get back to our new version of normal travel, thoughts will be turning to making the most of the opportunities we have to explore the world. With COVID now becoming something we must learn to live with, it’s possible that large-scale lockdowns and restricted travel will be more common in the future, so it’s important to take the chance to escape reality when you have the chance.

With your newfound freedom, you may consider shifting your focus toward earning an income online to afford you the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, regardless of whether you’re there on holiday or working remotely. Have you considered starting a travel or lifestyle blog?

Take a moment to get to know the basics of blogging, then consider whether it’s something you’d like to do. Are you good at recording details, planning itineraries, and taking inspiring photographs? You could be a few months away from running your own successful travel blog.

Find your niche

When you’re starting out it’s important to consider your niche and find a focus for your content that will set your website apart. Will you write location-specific blogs? Share travel planning advice? Or publish lifestyle hacks?

Opt for epic website design

When you’ve found your niche, use a website builder or theme to create your website. Try to find a theme that represents you and your style. Spend a bit of time creating a mood board to define your style and have a look at other websites you like to determine what you feel makes them successful – then emulate it.

Choose a memorable name

Another very important thing is to find the right name. The name of your blog will be the first thing that your readers will see. It should allude to the kind of content that your readers can expect to find on your blog and share insight into your values. If you need to find inspiration for a professional blog name, you can use a name generator at

Be your authentic self

One of the most important parts of blogging is to connect with the people who read what you write, so be your authentic self when you’re putting together your article. Be honest and genuine. It’s important to find your own voice and style of writing. Write about things that excite you and this will come across in the content, inspiring others to head your advice and follow in your footsteps.

Promote your blog online

When your blog is up and running think about where you will find new readers. You can’t just expect people to find you online if you don’t advertise what you’re doing. It’s worth taking the time to ensure that your site and articles are SEO optimized as organic traffic from search engines is a free way to promote your blogs. You can also leverage your social media following to drive traffic to your website. Here’s some good advice on how to promote your blog on TikTok.

Collaborate with other content creators

If you’ve been following bloggers who are already publishing in the niche you plan to launch into, hit them up. Start by commenting on their content and become a regular follower on their social media. Then reach out and ask them if they’d like to collaborate on an article with you in exchange for a link back to their blog.

Backlinks from other websites in your niche can help to increase your search engine visibility and in turn drive more traffic to your blog. So just remember, teamwork makes the dream work.

Get traffic and begin to build a revenue stream

Once you’ve got regular hits on your content you can look to leverage your website traffic to earn an income. This can be through affiliate marketing or sponsorships and brand partnerships, either way, it’s for you to define your own revenue strategy and maintain your website accordingly.

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