5 Fun Historic Districts to Visit in America’s Southern States

The southern states of the American south were the first areas of the country to be colonized, so the history of its cities reach back further and tell a more interesting history than you can find elsewhere.

These are the top five historical areas to visit while you’re in America’s southern states, and why they’re so interesting.

Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria, Virginia, may not sound familiar: but almost everyone in America has heard of Mount Vernon.  At home in this beautiful city, you can visit George Washington’s beautiful former home and learn about the life he lived there before and after retirement.  

Every inch of this estate is gorgeous, and after you tour the house, you can even step out to Washington’s grave.  There are more than fifty acres of land that you can explore, and it’s worth it.  It’s worth a visit just a short drive from Washington, DC; if you live in the area, it’s worth a visit.

Lexington, Kentucky

If you want an area with an interesting past, look no further than Lexington, Kentucky.  This city allows you access to the home of one of the most influential early politicians in America.

Although Henry Clay isn’t as well known as Alexander Hamilton or Thomas Jefferson, his estates will leave a lasting memory.  Walking through this historic part of the city, you can take in gorgeous views of not only the beautiful gardens but fantastic rivers and beautiful architecture that will make you feel like you’re walking back in time. 

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Columbus, Georgia

Columbus, Georgia, is a deeply historic town that’s been around for over a century.  Although the landmark district didn’t begin until 1969, it’s been quickly growing until it became the large area it is now.

Fifteen of the historic houses originally here have been moved, but those that remain are gorgeous Greek revival and Italian styled.  In the fall, you can enjoy ghost walks and live shows that aim to introduce you to the people who lived in and loved these homes.  Although you may not want to look at haunted houses for rent in Columbus, GA, these are fun to visit for just a couple of hours!


Asheville, North Carolina

North Carolina has some of the oldest structures in the country, and in Asheville, you won’t be disappointed.  The Biltmore Estate was constructed in 1895 by its namesake and famous architect Frederick Law Olmstead (the man who designed Central Park in NYC).

This sprawling estate has gorgeous gardens, nonstop luxury, and over 250 rooms of antiques and treasures that offer a peek back into what luxury looked like at the turn of the century.  It begins to feel like a castle by the end of the walk and is a fantastic piece of land to get to know.  

Key West, Florida

Vacationing in Key West, Florida, is always a great idea, so why not stop in the historical section to get to know the city a little better?  In this beautiful beachy town is Ernest Hemingway’s home, where he wrote great American classics.

The property is gorgeous, with plenty of windows to allow views over the ocean and green land, and is combined with beautiful treasures he brought back from his travels worldwide.