11 Fun Facts About St. Pete Beach, FL

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater

Home to crystal clear waters, pristine white sands, and plenty of family fun, St. Pete Beach, FL is the perfect destination for your getaway no matter the time of year.

With activities on land as well as the azure waters of the Gulf, there’s plenty to entertain, but what sets St. Pete Beach apart from Florida’s wealth of award-winning beaches? Here are 11 fun facts about St. Pete Beach that will inspire you to visit this paradisical Floridian favourite.

The sun shines almost every day of the year

Fun Facts About St. Pete Beach
Sun Bathing on Spa Beach by Boston Public Library

Averaging 361 days of sunshine, St. Pete Beach is the perfect destination for an escape from the winter chill.

The sand on St. Pete is pretty special

Fun Facts About St. Pete Beach
Sandy St. Pete by Visit St. Pete/Clearwater

It has taken more than two million years for Mother Earth to produce the velvety smooth sand that you’ll find on St. Pete Beach.

The silky white powder that you’ll love to dig your toes into started life as mountains of impenetrable quartz hundreds of miles from Florida’s shores.

St Pete has a pink palace

Fun Facts About St. Pete Beach
Don Cesar Hotel by porkfork6

Built in 1928 to resemble a Mediterranean-style castle, the iconic Don CeSar Beach Resort was a playground for America’s social elite during the 1920s.

Look out for it on the beach front, you can’t miss the striking baby pink palace.

It’s great if you love to roller blade

roller-blading Fun Facts About St. Pete Beach
Rollerblading by By Peter van der Sluijs

The 47-mile Pinellas Trail is one of the top 10 sites in the USA for people who skate for fitness, so blade away!

You wont loose your beach bod in St. Pete

running-beach Fun Facts About St. Pete Beach
Beach excercise by Hypnotica Studios Infinite

You can stay fit on vacation thanks to the St. Pete Road Runners, who host the Summer 5K Series each month. Pack your trainers and retain your summer beach bod while you’re away from the gym.

The sun sets with a flash

pass-a-grille-seagull-Fun Facts About St. Pete Beach
Sunset at Pass-A-Grille by Robert Neff

Pack a few beers in your cooler and head down to the southern end of St. Pete Beach to Pass-A-Grille and watch as the sun sinks towards the horizon.

You might just catch a glimpse of the elusive green flash as the last sliver of light dips below the waterline.

You can fly a jet pack

jet-pack Fun Facts About St. Pete Beach
Jetlev water powered Jetpack by Canoe1967


TradeWinds Island Grand offers you the chance to fly over the Gulf, soar up to 30 feet in the air, and walk along the water.

You can chill on your yacht, or someone else’s!

Fun Facts About St. Pete Beach
Just a perfect day by Eduardo Merille

It’s a conundrum so many of us have when we travel. Where can I moor my yacht while I soak in the sights and sounds of St. Pete from my luxury hotel?

Don’t panic, Bayview Plaza Waterfront Resort on St. Pete Beach is set up with moorings, providing power and water connections for your vessel.

There’s an enormous water slide

Fun Facts About St. Pete Beach
Water slide fun by Robert Neff

Over three stories high and a whopping 200 feet long, the giant High Tide Slide provides fun in epic proportions. Located on the beach, you really can’t miss it.

Note that you must be 42 inches tall to ride.

Central Avenue will inspire you

Vintage seller by Jorge Royan
Vintage seller by Jorge Royan

If you’re fed up with finding sand between your toes, head to neighbouring St. Petersburg, where there are some incredibly unique boutiques, eateries, and hordes of vintage goodies tucked away on Central Avenue.

You can get great grouper

Fun Facts About St. Pete Beach
Grouper and chips by Solipsist

Grouper is a dinner table staple in St. Pete, so head down to Dockside Dave’s Grill to sample their award-winning Grouper Sandwiches.

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