Where To Find Accessible Adventures Around The World

Finding safe and affordable adventures for disabled travellers was quite a challenge not too long ago. Thankfully, it’s no longer the case. There’s an increasing awareness about the importance of accessibility worldwide. Such attention is pushing for more inclusive policies regarding urban space.

Come with us to explore some of the most exciting experiences that are now accessible to everyone.

Top 5 wheelchair-friendly adventures

Travel and accommodation companies worldwide now offer fantastic packages for disabled tourists. Extreme sports, explorations, and even flying are among the possibilities for those looking for adrenaline. Check below the most scenic and thrilling activities for the adventure-seekers.

Hot air balloons in Catalonia, Spain

A hot-air balloon ride around the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park is a lifetime experience for those who aren’t afraid of heights. The park is located near Barcelona, and it’s full of green fields, landmarks from Roman times, and quite a few accessible trails.

The balloon rides include flying over extinct volcanoes and views to the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees. Some balloons have seats controlled via remote control for those with reduced mobility.

Exploring the Julian Alps, Slovenia

Exploring different areas of the world’s natural beauty is why people travel, especially the variety of terrain that isn’t native to them. Visiting the Julain Alps satisfies this need to see new natural beauty. It’s a stop on one of Feel No Limits week-long wheelchair friendly adventures in Slovenia, along with time spent in the upper Savinja Valley and ziplining at a ski flying facility in Bled.

During the day in the Julian Alps, Feel No Limits will take you to see Lake Bohinj, situated between the biggest mountains the country has. A cable car up to Vogel, 1.6km above sea level, provides superb views. Canoes and rowboats are available too as afternoon activities.

Ziplining in San Carlos, Costa Rica

Splendid rainforest views and smoking volcanoes await visitors in Costa Rica. Visitors can fly over the forest, with the rim of the Arenal Volcano on the horizon. On the ground, visitors can also enjoy many wheelchair-friendly paths to explore the park. It’s one of the best ways to observe the exuberant native fauna. There are specialized companies that provide adapted seats for disabled adventurers.

Scuba-Diving in Bali, Indonesia

Get the best angle of the turquoise waters that surround Bali. It isn’t surprising that such waters became a paradise for scuba divers. It has also attracted many specialized companies to the Indonesian island. Many professional companies offer tours and complete courses for disabled divers.

Visiting the Grand Canyon, United States

The world’s most famous canyon has several wheelchair-friendly tracks to explore the park. The North Kaibab and the Bright Angel are the most common choices for visitors with reduced mobility. The shuttle buses in the park are equipped with ramps and special seats.

The rims also offer plenty of accessible options, like the Desert View, the Grand View, and Moran. The Visitor Center in the South Rim is completely optimized for the mobility of disabled visitors.


Adventure-seekers should put safety above everything else. Before embarking on one, it’s advisable to double-check if the company providing the service follows all safety protocols.