4 Ways to Live in Luxury Without Breaking the Bank

To live a life of luxury, you might assume that you have to make a ton of money at your job, win the lottery, inherit a huge fortune…or have a massive amount of credit card debt.

Actually, it is quite possible to enjoy the many luxurious things you want to experience, all without having a ton of money or blowing your entire budget.

The following suggestions will allow you to enjoy the finer things in life while not breaking the bank.

Travel out of season

For people who dream of travelling the world, the time of year that you go can make a huge difference. As financial expert Stefanie O’Connell notes, popular destinations can be 50% cheaper during the off-season.

When you book your hotels, ask if an upgrade is available; there is nothing wrong with asking politely and you may be rewarded with a larger room or more amenities. 

Choose to house sit in luxury destinations

For those wishing to travel on a budget registering with a house sitting website is a must, because the opportunity to live rent-free all over the world is not one to be missed.

There are a wealth of opportunities on offer requiring a house sitter to stay for free in luxurious places like the Caribbean and California, to take on a diverse mix of responsibilities, some for just a weekend, others for over a year.

if you haven’t come across the concept of house and pet sitting before you can read my handy house sitting guides here.

Look out for offers, discounts, and perks

To help save up for whatever luxury items and experiences you wish to have, you should look for ways to save money and get “perks” whenever you can. What you will find is that these small bonuses can add up during the year and will help you to have more money to spend on fun activities.

Discount code websites – Before you make any bookings, check discount code websites like Tripplo that collate the best travel offers in order to book your preferred trip at the best price possible.

Cashback credit cards – Another way to save money on the cost of travel is to take out a credit card that pays you cashback each time you use it. For example, USAA offers a cashback Visa that pays you 1.5% each time you use it. If you can pay it off as you make the charges, this 1.5% can really add up over the course of a year to hundreds of dollars that you can put towards your luxury dreams.

Rewards programmes – At certain times of the year, your favourite stores or bank accounts may run certain offers or reward schemes. This can be a great way to maximise the money you’re already spending or reduce the cost of buying gifts.

Make Small but Significant Upgrades at Home

If you would like your home to look fancier and more luxurious, start with small changes that will make a significant visual impact but will keep your budget happy. As Flux Magazine notes, to make your bathrooms feel like they belong in a five-star hotel, get new showerheads and body jets.

Splurge on the softest and thickest towels you can, paint the walls a colour-matched shade from a fancy paint company and buy rich herbal shampoos and body washes. You can do the same in your kitchen with the addition of a beautiful backsplash, and by repainting your cabinets and adding new hardware, instead of a total remodel.

Luxury is available for less – just find it

You don’t have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth, have an incredibly high-paying job or have tons of debt to enjoy the finer things in life. By taking advantage of perks that add up over time, taking beautiful vacations when it is cheaper to do so and making small but impactful improvements to your home, you will find you and your bank account are living in luxury.