The Best Road Tripper’s Guide To Caravanning and Motorhoming

There is nothing quite like a caravan or motorhome holiday. It is a wonderful mixture of being able to wander wherever strikes you as interesting while still being able to enjoy the necessities of modern life. All you need is your caravan, the open road, an idea of where you want to visit, and a map to ensure you get there.

That’s the romantic take on caravanning or travelling in a motorhome, and it’s generally very accurate— but it’s not the full story. When you choose these methods of holidaying, you’re likely to run into a few unfortunate problems that can put a dampener on your trip. Or at least, they can do if you neglect to read the following solutions…

PROBLEM: Lack of privacy

The downside of motorhomes and caravans is that they are, by sheer necessity, rather cramped. You can’t drive around in accommodation the size of a standard hotel suite, so compromises have to be made. Unfortunately, the lack of space and privacy can become rather trying, especially if you’re going to be on holiday for more than a few days.


Immediately expand your available space by taking an awning on your next trip. Outwell awnings and other similar products offer a fantastic solution to the space and privacy issue without increasing your load weight or requiring a second vehicle— a perfect solution for a tricky problem!



PROBLEM: Uneven ground

This issue is a particular problem for caravans. When you arrive at a campsite, you expect to be able to park your caravan and then relax in peace. However, this is impossible if the ground is uneven, which can leave you with your entire caravan leaning to one side— not a pleasant experience.

SOLUTION: Small blocks of wood

Carry a few small blocks of wood in the boot of your car to rectify this issue; think of it as a larger version as adjusting a wobbly table with a napkin. However, this fix is only suitable for minorly uneven ground— if the problem is particularly pronounced, you’ll want to move elsewhere.

PROBLEM: Mechanical issues

Mechanical issues for caravans and motorhomes are relatively common, especially if you have been on the road for a sustained period of time. From wobbly wheels to misfiring electronics, if your vehicle isn’t working as it should, your enjoyment of your holiday is going to be severely hampered.

SOLUTION: Preparation

The preparation required to prevent these problems is two-fold:

  1. Thoroughly check that your caravan or motorhome is in good working order prior to setting off; if necessary, have the vehicle serviced by a qualified technician.
  2. Not all mechanics are equipped to deal with mechanical problems of caravans and motorhomes, so spend a little time researching options along your planned route. Then, if you do have a mechanical malfunction en route, you immediately know where you need to go for a resolution.

In conclusion

Exploring the country (or further!) by caravan or motorhome can be incredibly rewarding, especially if you take account of the issues above— and implement the suggested fixes. With these problems solved, you’ll be free to enjoy all the delights of the open road.