Strategic Travel Planning Can Help You Maximize Your Experience Abroad

I can tell you, having researched the topic myself, there are many different ways to make money abroad, but some of them may not be as intuitive as you may expect.

For example, your mental state can make you more or less likely to make money. Look at it this way: have you ever tried to take “shortcuts” which ended up being more work than just doing whatever task you were avoiding?

Take WiFi, for instance. Say you’re living in a vehicle abroad and trying to save money on the internet by using WiFi at local coffee shops, etc. But you’ve got to buy approximately $3 per coffee cup, which works out to between $84 and $93 a month. Plus you may not be able to find coffee shops that are available within the hours you need.

In addition to this, you’ve got parking to contend with; or, if you’re not in a vehicle, you’ve got to catch a ride to where the WiFi is. True, for the most part, you’ll probably be able to find some free options; but the few times you can’t, you may miss a digital deadline, or something of the kind. In this case, paying for WiFi can save money.

Take public transport or book a private transfer

How you’re feeling mentally also has a lot to do with your profitability, success, and overall enjoyment of a given trip. For example, starting at the airport, in some places you can catch a train right into town. And worry about your bags around all manner of other riders. And get jostled, worried, stressed, and confused.

Or, you could order your own transportation and have some control over the situation. If you’re looking for the quickest ride from Amsterdam airport to the city, you’ve got a lot of choices; but according to many experienced travelers, the most comfortable way is a private transfer service.

Comfort can clear your mind. It can calm you down and curtail negative emotion. When you’re angry, stressed, confused, or tired, you’re not going to make the wisest decisions. In fact, you’ll probably make some very stupid ones that you’ll later regret. So what’s the point of saving time and money if you cost yourself more collaterally, and have to spend time playing “catch-up”?

It may additionally be worthwhile for you to start strategising about excursions through the city as you travel from the airport to wherever you intend to stay. Sometimes the best attractions are already nearby. When you’re determining how to go from the airport to the city, if you’ve got time and space to think about it, you can make a more informed decision. Also, ask your driver for tips. They can likely help you maximize your trip and stay out of trouble.

Do some planning beforehand

Sometimes, of course, you’re going to have situations where there’s nothing for it: you’re just going to have to deal with some discomfort. There are some serious difficulties with traveling during the holidays, but there are tips you can follow that help offset these negative circumstances.

One is to look for travel arrangements and accommodation solutions beforehand. But you shouldn’t just go for the least expensive ones either, as collateral difficulties can end up costing you more. You should be looking for something in an appropriate range. Collateral benefit should help you make your choice. Like in the example of the private transfer from the airport.

Not only will going such a route get you seamlessly from Amsterdam airport to the city, but it can give you access to someone who knows the city you’re headed to better than you do. You can present before this individual several lodging options and get their opinion. You don’t have to take it, but if you haven’t done the research beforehand, you won’t know whether or not your driver’s given you the advice you need, and you could follow a false “lead”.

Finally, you need to inculcate a certain attitude before embarking on any journey. You need an attitude of thankfulness and adventure. The latter is easier to come by, the former is more difficult. Remember the good things and keep them in your mind. This will make dealing with the bad things less impacting.

Do you have any tips for strategic travel planning? Leave a comment below.