Reasons to Purchase a Private Jet Card

Private jet cards are a way to prepay for private charter flights. You can book these flights at contracted hourly rates in advance to guarantee their availability and price, and then give as little as six hours notice in advance of jetting off to your chosen destination. Some programs include turboprops in addition to jets.

When you have private jet card membership you can rest assured that a private jet flight is always available to you. Even if you’re not quite sure when you plan to fly.

So what are the advantages of a private Jet Card?

Secure local availability of private jet charters

A key advantage of a private jet card is that you will be able to guarantee 24/7 availability with your private jet flight, for you, your business colleagues, your sports team, or your family. 

You can also list an unlimited number of users on your private jet card account, which makes it worthwhile purchasing if there are a few of your friends or family who could benefit from this offer.

Guaranteed fees, no longer-term commitment, reduced rates on standard charter costs

With a private jet card, you can fix the hourly rate that you pay for private charter flights. Also, should you need to cancel the day before, there would be no cancellation fees to pay. With the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic still impacting business travel and major events, this is particularly attractive.

With no expiry date to the fixed price hours purchased, private jet card travel provides flexibility to those in business. You can also upgrade or downgrade the aircraft capacity without incurring additional fees.

Where private jet cards are proven to be “ordinary and necessary” they can be considered tax-deductible. This will be when they are an important part of conducting business.

Round trip discounts are available

A round trip is classified as a journey that is to one or more places and returns to the original departure point. This is an efficient method of flying and so will qualify for a reduced overall rate.

If you care deeply about the environment, then you will want to see if a round trip deal is possible for more than just its financial benefits. Less fuel is used and so there is less pollution to the environment. It is the equivalent of many passengers on a bus instead of lots of cars with just the driver inside when it comes to the comparative levels of pollution created.

Globel coverage as standard

A private jet card will provide global coverage for its users. This is useful for a business when you are dealing with customers or clients all over the world and business meetings can end up in different locations throughout the year. 

Anyone who travels to many destinations a year, because they are lucky to go on a lot of holidays, will appreciate how a private jet card can cover different parts of the world. They then do not need to work around their private jet card when booking a holiday.

Benefits of a private jet card

There are many reasons for investing in a private jet card but most who do, choose to because they need to secure private jet flights, at the best rates possible, at short notice.