Planning an Unforgettable Honeymoon in Florida: Romantic Ideas and Destinations

Sun, sea, and sand – Florida has it all. Given its status as the Sunshine State, there are plenty of great reasons to vacation in Florida outside of a special occasion. But for your honeymoon, Florida can be an even more desirable location. Cocoa Beach is a perfect place for a romantic picnic, and Walt Disney World is sure to be an amazing, fun-filled day for you and your new spouse. 

This handy article is full of tips, tricks, and much-needed insider info on planning an unforgettable honeymoon in Florida, with romantic ideas and destinations included. 

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Visit one of Florida’s many beaches

From Clearwater Beach to Siesta Key, Florida has many beaches renowned for their natural beauty, various attractions, and romantic ambiance. You should absolutely plan to visit one of Florida’s beautiful beaches.  

However, we must recommend Pensacola Beach in particular. In-love honeymooners can admire the emerald-green coastline, enjoy a dinner date at Pensacola’s finest restaurants and beach bars, and if the heat is too much, take refuge in one of the many shops. 

Book a tour through the Everglades

If you are newlyweds that prefer to explore the great outdoors, enjoying everything that Mother Nature has to offer, you might consider booking a guided tour through Florida’s sprawling Everglades National Park as a stunning experience to complete your honeymoon trip. 

You could even take some time to canoe across the wetlands, or trek through the Everglades from top to bottom. It’s the third largest national park in the United States, and houses so many beautiful sights sure to make your honeymooning vacation unforgettable. 

Consider a Floridian cruise

Florida has quite a few cruise ship terminals for keen visitors to choose from, which makes a sweet Floridian cruise the perfect complement to your honeymoon. 

Being adrift on the open water, sunbathing amid the waves, with every amenity imaginable at your fingertips, is an attractive prospect! Consider a Disney, Royal Caribbean, or Carnival cruise. Most ships are sure to have a honeymoon suite for you and your new spouse to unwind in, too. There’s no better way to celebrate your new marriage than this. 

Dive right into Florida’s history

To make the most of your honeymoon trip to Florida, there’s one thing we absolutely recommend considering as part of the planning process – Florida’s history. 

Take into account gorgeous historical sights like Saint Augustine (the oldest city in the United States), visit the wonderful Bok Tower Gardens, hold your spouse close at one of Florida’s many ghost tours, or take a trip to the infamous Versace Mansion. 

Honeymoons should be memorable, something to be treasured “till death do us part,” which is why beautiful history and culture must be experienced as part of your Florida honeymoon.

Enjoy Florida’s unique cuisine

Florida has unique cuisine renowned throughout America and even the world. We all know that romantic dinner dates are a cornerstone of many thriving relationships, so why not take it a step further for your honeymoon trip? 

Don’t just stick to Florida’s finest restaurants, but also explore the state’s food stalls and markets. Take a bite of a sweet Florida orange, and dig into Cedar Key clams, ceviche and so much more! Gator bites are even a popular snack near the Everglades. Trying new foodstuffs with your spouse is a great way to start a marriage, and gives you scrumptious experiences to remember for years to come.

Escape to one of Florida’s stunning islands

There’s nothing more romantic for a honeymoon than having an entire island to yourself! Florida is well-known for quite a special geographic characteristic – it has thousands of islands sprinkled throughout its lengthy coastline. 

You may have heard of Ten Thousand Islands, a chain of quaint mangrove islets, or the luxurious Amelia Island close to Jacksonville, where horseback rides and dolphin sightings are common enjoyments. 

Charming and tranquil, whatever Florida island you explore, you’re sure to feel as though you and your spouse are the only two people in the world. 

Swing by a theme park

Although we’ve briefly mentioned Walt Disney World, there are so many more theme parks in the Sunshine State that honeymooners simply must plan for and explore. 

Our personal favourites include anywhere in Orlando, the theme park capital of America (and the world!), but more specifically Universal Orlando Resort or SeaWorld. Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom has unforgettable attractions, like The World of AVATAR, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and the jaw-dropping Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. 

Starting your happily-ever-after with a thrill ride is one of the most exciting ways to do so!  After all, honeymoons don’t have to be all about relaxation, although a substantial dose of sunshine is certainly recommended.

Shop till you drop

So, you’re married. Congratulations! But you may have also moved into your marital home, and urgently need some interior decoration, or a brand-new wardrobe. In that case, Florida is the perfect place to honeymoon. 

Shop till you drop at the Florida Mall, Disney Springs, or any store on International Drive. Florida is also well-known for great thrift stores, where newlyweds can nab a brilliant discount on almost any item of their choosing. 

Shopping doesn’t always have to be expensive, particularly in Florida. But it’s always fun, and thrifting together can be a super sweet, out-there idea for a romantic date. 

At the end of the day…

Planning a honeymoon is not easy. There are countless variables for you to ponder over – where to stay, what to do, and how to travel are just some pressing considerations for you and your spouse. 

That’s why seeking the help of a Florida vacation expert is so important. They have the holiday packages, and the sweet insider deals, that you require to have a smooth-running, fun, and heart-stoppingly romantic honeymoon.

So, we would once again emphasise that it can be a seriously good idea to book your Florida holiday in advance before availability is snapped up. The honeymoon of your dreams is, after all, a mere few clicks away.