How to Maximise Your Business Travel Budget by using the Sharing Economy

[dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]f you’ve aspirations of taking your online business on the road and travelling the world, then make a note of the sharing economy businesses featured in this article. By booking services offered through these sites you could save $$$s compared to the standard alternatives.

Catering to travellers who are bringing their preferences as consumers into the corporate world, sharing economy businesses such as Uber and Airbnb are entering the mainstream market.

In fact, one report looking at the sharing economy found that the proportion of businesses surveyed who were either reviewing their sharing economy options or had already incorporated sharing economy providers into their travel policy, surged from 61% to 86% in the space of just one year.^

^ Taken from 2015 data from The Evolution of Travel Policy: A Global View on the Future, ACTE, 2015.

So how can digital nomads, start ups, and freelancers get the most bang for their business buck when they travel? Follow suit and you could maximise your business travel budget by using the sharing economy to save when you travel.




Known as the ‘Airbnb for business travellersMetroResidences is making waves in Asia with serviced apartment listings now in Singapore and Japan.

Focusing on longer-term rentals the platform boasts that the cost of renting accommodation with them is up to 40% more affordable than anything provided by a hotel or traditional serviced apartment brand.


The Indian ride sharing app Letsride works in much the same was as sharing economy transport giant Uber, however instead of connecting you with a driver the app puts you in touch with a trusted car or bike owner willing to take you to your destination.



If you’re driving to San Francisco, Chicago, or New York for a meeting @luxevalet can help you save time (which let’s face it, when you’re self-employed is pretty valuable) by taking the stress out of parking your car.

Drive in, jump out, and a Luxe Valet will be waiting to park your car at one of their secure storage facilities close by. This can be a cheaper and more convenient option than paying for metered parking in major cities.

When you’re done let them know and they’ll deliver your car to you, wherever you are. They’ll even fuel and wash it for you if you’d like.


A network of RV enthusiasts encouraging travellers to experience the magic of an RV adventure, RVshare is a platform where RV owners can rent out their RVs to other travellers keen to hit the open road. Whether you’re looking to explore some of the best national parks in the USA, or a road trip to one of the country’s most iconic cities, such as Las Vegas, RVShare offers the benefit of RV rental with a wide choice of vehicles and pick-up locations.


Now available in 23 countries AirDine is the dining app that could help business travellers avoid lonely dinners in impersonal hotels, and instead enjoy local, home-cooked food while meeting new people.

Transforming the chef’s home into a little restaurant, diners can book to eat their next meal with new friends, reduce their spend on food, and sample the local cuisine.



I’ve written a lot about my experience living rent free in amazing places by house and pet sitting during my stay. Connecting pet owners with travellers willing to pet sit in exchange for a place to stay in the places they want to visit, Trusted Housesitters is one of the best sharing economy sites for people looking to immerse themselves in new cultures and explore new locations.


For a freelancer like me reliable internet access is paramount wherever I am in the world, which is why I invested in a TepWireless device. However, community Wi-Fi service FON is another great option for anyone who needs to get connected abroad.

The world’s largest Wi-Fi network comprised of people sharing their personal Wi-Fi, FON works with leading carriers and Wi-Fi providers around the globe to help bring connectivity to their customers.


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From booking a longer-term rental through MetroResidences to avoiding reducing the cost of dining experiences by booking with AirDine, there are lots of ways to maximise your business travel budget when utilising the sharing economy.

Have you found any fantastic sharing economy business that you could recommend to people working while they travel? Share your suggestions below.