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In celebration of Earth Day our content this week is dedicated to the preservation of the beautiful landscapes that blanket the world.

As PADI Divemasters we uphold the diving conservation code and are committed to reducing the impact our underwater adventures have on the marine environment. However there are some who are unaware of the negative effects our consumer driven existence can have on a world they have never seen.

Not everyone has the desire to kit themselves out with fins and regulators in order to explore our oceans, and that’s ok, each to their own. However simply because you have no desire to explore a landscape yourself, shouldn’t negate any sense of ethical consciousness.


You and I are responsible for the conservation and preservation of all four corners of our earth.

If you’re not inclined to try scuba diving we hope the images below inspire you to save our seas by minimising your impact on the world above the waterline. If you ‘re a scuba nut, I’m sure they will also serve to inspire your next destination for dive travel.


Inspiring dive sites blue-heron-bridgeImage credit – Octopus Vulgaris at Blue Heron Bridge by Kevin Bryant

Renowned for the weird and wonderful critters that live in the shallows, Riviera Beach’s Blue Heron Bridge is a superb example of marine diversity.


Inspiring dive sites schooling-hammerhead-sharksImage Credit – Schooling Hammerhead Sharks by Colombia Travel

A haven for giants of the deep, Darwin’s Arch offers divers the chance to see Galapagos sharks, tiger sharks, rays and schooling hammerheads to name but a few.


Inspiring dive sites Cratena-peregrinaImage Credit – Cratena Peregrina by Cisamarc

Crete’s Blue Cave is the perfect place to hone your macro photography skills. The walls harbour colourful nudibranchs and other tiny marine life sheltering from the vast expanse of ocean which surrounds them.

Find out more about scuba diving the waters of Greece’s numerous islands in recent a post I wrote for the Expedia Blog.


Inspiring dive sites silfra-crack-icelandImage credit – Diving the Silfra Rift by Dive Iceland

A divergent tectonic boundary between North America and Eurasia, the Silfra Crack offers divers the chance to explore an alien underwater landscape that boasts vizibility of over 100m thanks to the lave filtered waters that make up the lake.

Join Alex in Wanderland as she suits up and dives into the vast Silfra Rift.


Inspiring dive sites pterapogon-kauderniImage credit – Pterapogon Kauderni – Banggai Cardinalfish by Jens Petersen

Filamented ghost pipefish, Ambon scorpionfish, striated frogfish, cockatoo waspfish and seahorses are among just a handful of the species that call this stretch of water home. To read more about scuba diving in Indonesia click here.


nudibranch-poor-knights-islandsImage credit – A Tambja Verconis Nudibranch by

With black walls of volcanic rock clad in jewelled anemones and brightly coloured soft and hard corals, the shallows of the Poor Knights are a mesmerising sight.

Check out our trip report from a weekend live aboard in this beautiful marine park.


Inspiring dive sites whale-shark-maldivesImage credit – A Whale Shark by Elite Diving Agency

From June to September the waters off Isla Mujeres are brimming with whale sharks as they migrate up the Yucatan coast in search of food, and numerous operators offer snorkelling trips to swim with these majestic and gentle creatures. However the region also boasts a wealth of inspiring dive sites, from deep cenotes to vibrant coral reefs, and even an underwater museum, Mexico is every diver’s dream.

Read a first hand account of swimming with whale sharks by Bret & Alex Love over at Green Global Travel.


Inspiring dive sites great-barrier-reef-sea-snakeImage credit – A Hydrophiide – Sea Snake by

A submerged atoll 150km from the eastern coast of Australia, the sheer walls of the Osprey descend into inky blue to depths of around 2000m. A refuelling station for larger pelagic species such a sharks and rays the reef is also home to a thriving population of colourful reef fish, macro life and crustaceans.

Read more about diving at the remote Osprey Reef in our Dive Report from North Horn.


Inspiring dive sites somosomo-strait-fijiImage credit – Anemone & Anemone Fish by Saspotato

Soft coral capital of the world, Fiji’s Somosomo Strait offers an extravaganza of colour. Deep drop offs, caves and swim throughs provide an architectural playground for the wealth of life that call it home.


Inspiring dive sites jellyfish-lake-palauImage credit – Golden Jellyfish in Palau by Amanderson2

There’s no scuba diving allowed in the clear waters of Ongeim’l Tketau, you’ll need only fins and a snorkel to explore Palau’s famous marine lake. Floating in the shallows where the sun has warmed the water you’ll find thousands of pulsating golden jellyfish.

See more photography from Wildjunket traveller Nellie’s visit to Jellyfish Lake.



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 Are you inspired to save our seas? Share your thoughts on the amount of waste polluting our oceans below.

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28 Responses

  1. Meleena

    Love the colorful photos! Thank you for highlighting how beautiful the underwater world is! I wish more people understood the importance of conservation. Mission Blue is a great documentary available on Netflix which shows the danger facing reefs and marine life. Happy diving and happy travels!

  2. Dana

    Hey there! Thanks for this great post — I don’t need any more convincing to save our oceans, I’m already convinced of the necessity, but thank you for spreading the word to others! These photos are incredible. The sea snake really startled me.

  3. Marsha

    Wow these are fantastic pictures. I definitely want to hit up one of these….wow! I’ve never done anything like this before but I just might have to now. Awesome!

  4. Catherine

    Wow, so many wonderful creatures! Your photos are amazing, so crisp, clear and colourful. We certainly do need to protect the oceans.

  5. C&E Holidays Singapore

    This post has to be shared. A huge part of the underwater scenery in the world today are damaged by cold-hearted individuals who depend solely on the ‘restorative capability’ of Mother Nature. I hope they realize that it is not an excuse to continuously ruin our seas. I don’t want to use this for anything but somehow, I hope the beautiful pictures manage to induce guilt among these people! 🙂

  6. Anne Helmers

    Fantastic list. Just returned from a week shore diving in Bonaire. Absolutely beautiful and amazing diving. A must for any diver! Saw my first frog fish! Add it to your list. 🙂

    • Charli Moore

      Oh Anne, you’re making me green with envy! We were due to visit Bonaire earlier this year but had to change our plans last minute. I can’t wait to read all about your dives over on your blog.

  7. Beth

    Beautiful! I love snorkeling, but I really wish I could go diving to see some of this stuff closer.

    • Charli Moore

      Scuba is a great tool for exploring the underwater realm. You’re literally flying through the surrounding environment, it is such an exhilarating feeling!

  8. Maria from Nerd Nomads

    Wow, great photos! Took my PADI diving license in Bali a few years ago, and did a few dives in Thailand after that. Your photos really make me want to take up diving again!

  9. Megan Claire

    Wow gorgeous photos as always Charli! The photo of the Golden Jellyfish is absolutely stunning – what I would give to go diving and witness that for myself!!

    • Charli Moore

      I’m with you there Meg! Nellie’s post is so inspiring, I’d love to be surrounded by so many pulsating jellyfish, they are just magical to watch underwater!

  10. Carmen

    This post has me so excited! My husband and I recently got our PADIs and this has given me some really good ideas about where we should dive next. I think we’re going to be in Mexico when the whale sharks will be there this year, so it’s def on the itinerary.
    Thinking about how future generations might not be able to appreciate this beauty like we are makes me sad – we need to do all we can to protect our oceans!
    Thanks for the inspiration

    • Charli Moore

      Oh lucky you! We’ve yet to explore much of Central America and sadly missed out on the Minkie Whale season during our travels up the Queensland coast so when we hit Mexico we’ll have to time it right!

  11. Jen Seligmann

    Wow these are some amazing places to go diving. The most I have ever done is snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and thought that was awesome. Learning to dive is on my list for someday and hopefully it will be in one of these beautiful spots.

    • Charli Moore

      Thanks Jen! Snorkelling can also be a great way to explore shallow areas of the coastline, it gives you a different perspective of the ocean floor.