Caribbean Netherlands: Why Bonaire Stands Out Above the Rest

A Caribbean holiday is high on most people’s bucket lists. From cycling across Nevis to the beach resorts of Barbados, there is something for everyone. And while most people will want to visit the famous islands, there are plenty of hidden gems that stand out above the rest. Bonaire, part of the ABC Islands of the Dutch Caribbean, is one of these gems you probably haven’t heard of. However, that could soon change as more tourists are visiting the island. Data released by the Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) showed that 170,194 international visitors traveled to the island in 2022 via plane, which was 12,394 more than in 2019.

The word is getting out about Bonaire. Here is why it stands out above the rest of the Caribbean.

Diverse Marine Life and Coral Reefs

People flock from across the world to see the stunning ocean life of the Caribbean. Unfortunately, overtourism has, in some places, impacted the most popular hotspots in the region. High demands for water and energy have led to marine pollution and degradation in places like Barbados. Bonaire is largely untouched, and its natural scenery and coral reefs are lauded worldwide. The island has the oldest marine reserve in the world, and the coral reefs are the least degraded in the entire Caribbean Sea. This has also made Bonaire one of the most sought-after diving spots in the Caribbean. 

New Resorts Catering to Those Looking For Adventure

With Bonaire being so famous for its watersports, many of the hotels and resorts on the island cater to these activities. The Time to Smile Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort Bonaire opened its doors in 2021 and is one of the most complete resorts on the island. The luxury Bonaire resort has its own 5-star dive school and offers day and night dives alongside a “Drive and Dive” package that combines diving adventures with road trips across the island. Other resorts cater to those interested in watersports. The Windhoek Resort Bonaire has its own IKO kiteboarding school and is located near the kiteboarding beach Atlantis. The range of water activities available, combined with warm island hospitality, makes resorts across Bonaire stand above many traditional Caribbean destinations.  

Luxury Apartment Living

While the hotels of Bonaire are some of the best in the Dutch Caribbean, more and more visitors are looking for a more personalized experience. The island has a wide range of luxury apartments dotted across the island that cater to the different needs of visitors. Bonaire luxury villas come with amenities that include private pools, oceanfront balconies, and open kitchens. Some complexes even have their own dive center on site. Many of these luxury villas are located on the seafront, giving visitors easy access to the region’s famous beaches and shoreside locations. For those looking to get an idea of what it would be like to live in the Caribbean, renting a luxury villa will give them this experience without breaking the bank or having to move to the island. 

Peaceful Atmosphere and Quiet Vacations

Picture-perfect spots in the Caribbean are easy to find, and many travelers flock to them in large numbers. Bonaire, however, is still largely unknown, making it one of the most peaceful destinations in the Caribbean. While the island is famous for its watersports, it is also loved by those who want to enjoy a serene holiday away from the crowds. With a small population of approximately 20,000, the island retains its small island charms and hospitality. The nature parks, including The Washington Slagbaai National Park eco-preserve, the Flamingo Reserve, and the Donkey Reserve, also make it the perfect destination for those who want to get away from busy beaches and connect with nature. 


With more people traveling to the Caribbean, finding a destination that hasn’t lost its charm to tourism is becoming increasingly harder. Bonaire stands above the rest because of its natural beauty, luxury resorts, and apartments, peaceful atmosphere, and island life, which is why you should consider visiting it the next time you book a holiday to the Caribbean.