Active Vacations: Touring Destinations for the Adventurous Traveller

How does someone who is active like to spend their vacation time? The holidays are, after all, supposed to be a time for rest and relaxation – but if you’re like me relaxation is not synonymous with rest, I much prefer to be active during my trips abroad.

Even if you’re not exactly a kayaker or the jet-skiing type, it’s nice to employ modes of transportation during your vacation that get you where you want to be with a minimum of hassle. If you’re visiting one of the countless landmarks on the East Coast, Go New York Tours, for example, offers tours via helicopter ride, bicycle rental, double-decker bus and even by ferry.

These touring options are also available in destinations all over the world, so it’s always worthwhile planning your vacation to incorporate at least one .


Even if you’ve been whitewater rafting, canoeing, or kayaking elsewhere before, few places can hold a torch to Prince William Sound in Alaska. The sight of the sun glinting on the blue-white glaciers that tower in the distance is breathtaking to say the very least, and the orcas gallivanting about further off-shore add a sense of excitement to the experience. 

There are a number of rental outfits in the area, most of which offer high-quality fiberglass kayaks so you don’t have to pay a premium for comfort in addition to the mandatory safety equipment. You’re provided with everything you’d need – a life jacket, a paddle, a pump, a sponge, etc. For those looking for a more immersive way to explore, a guided tour provides additional insight into their history and culture of the surrounding pristine landscape.


The Big Five of Africa are so-called because of the great difficulty in tracking them on foot. These animals are more concentrated on the African mainland than anywhere else in the world – the elephant, lion, leopard, Cape buffalo and rhinoceros.

You can go on a safari in Africa at a number of locations. My favourite is the gigantic Kruger National in South Africa which covers an incredible 7,500 square miles; all of its land is preserved for the expansive ranges needed by the African lion and other denizens of the flatlands.

There are other parks in Northern Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania and Namibia. One way to decide which park to visit is to pick the safari providers based on the standard of lodgings they offer. It’s preferable to return to a luxurious hotel after a full day of exploring the plains.


Even if you don’t consider yourself an avid cyclist but just enjoy riding a bike in the presence of nature, a cycling vacation will suit you just fine. The 25-mile serenity of Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC is one such location where you can take in the Lincoln Memorial as you navigate the terrain. Plan your trip in the late spring, summer and early fall for the best views.

Similarly, there’s Memorial Park Trails in Texas, where the 50,000+ acres of parkland provides more than enough space to explore. Mammoth Cave Railroad in Kentucky offers a markedly different experience for cyclists and leisure bikers with its numerous interlocking caves offering a dazzling scene with the greenery and blooming flowers all around.


If you’ve ever been to New York before then you’ll be familiar with the hectic nature of its streets which are crowded throughout the day; the cars barely move, and even the taxis have problems navigating the roads during peak tourist season. However, if you’re not up for walking the miles it takes to cross the city in order to see Central Park and all the other great attractions, then a guided tour bus could be a great option for your itinerary.

The routes for the double-decker bus are already prescribed, and they have a much easier time making it. There’s the added benefit of you being able to see everything from high above the streets where you can take unimpeded photos of the many sights, and then hop on and off at the scheduled stops. 

Take an active tour next time you’re on vacation and make the most of the opportunity to stay active whilst you’re away.