A Break Down Of Airport Car Parking Options In The Uk

When it comes to vacation planning, airport parking is frequently overlooked. Without booking in advance holidaymakers must embark on an often-lengthy quest for a parking place at the airport, followed by paying inflated charges on their return.

However, this can be avoided by booking airport parking in advance. Read our helpful guide to stress-free airport parking to alleviate your pre-flight stress.

The different types of airport parking

After you’ve booked your flights and accommodation, and finalised your schedule, the next step is to figure out how you’ll get to the airport and, if you’re driving, where you’ll park.

Airport parking can be costly, but there are ways to save by planning ahead of time and thoroughly researching your alternatives.

Depending on how far away from the airport you live, you could consider getting a taxi or asking a friend or relative to take you in order to save on the cost of airport parking entirely.

On-Airport Official Car Parks

Because it is overseen by airport personnel, airport vehicle parking is often the safest car parking option. These parking areas are just a few minutes walk from the terminal. Parking your car here allows you to go to the terminal without having to worry about catching a shuttle bus or waiting for a valet driver. Although on-site airport parking is more expensive than a meet & greet service and park & ride, it comes with the added benefit of security. These parking lots are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving you peace of mind that your car is safely secured whilst you’re out of the country.

Tip: UK travellers can check the current prices of Heathrow car parking here.

Park and Ride

Unlike meet and greet services, airport park & ride facilities are normally located a short distance from the airport. It’s simple to use a park and ride car park; simply follow the directions to the car park, park, and you’ll be shuttled to your airport terminal. These are mainly short-distance trips that last 5–20 minutes and are frequently offered on demand. Park and ride services have the added bonus of being less expensive than other choices, making them ideal for budget travellers!

Meet and Greet/Valet Parking

Meet & greet, often known as valet parking, is ideal for those who want to drive directly to the airport rather than rely on shuttles. It’s easy to use meet & greet; simply drive to the airport’s drop-off area and give your car keys to the parking company’s valet driver, who will park your car while you proceed inside the terminal. Simply phone the parking provider when you return, and they’ll have your car ready for you when you exit the terminal.

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Airport hotels with parking

Airport hotels frequently offer great packages that include parking, and even if you aren’t staying at the hotel, you might well be able to book parking in their lots for a lower price than long-term airport parking.

Even if you live close to the airport it’s worth considering the various airport car parking options when booking your trip. You could discover that staying at an airport hotel the night before and taking advantage of their extended parking options costs less than paying for parking at the terminal.

The extra benefit of staying at a hotel is that they generally provide complimentary shuttles that drop you off right at the airport, and the parking is usually safe, underground, and undercover.