5 Practical Airport Hacks For Post-COVID Travel In 2021

Travel restrictions in the US are easing and Americans are prepping up to hit their favourite destinations. Business travel is also starting to pick up again, however, not everyone is feeling ready to get back to international travel. It is completely natural to be worried about overcrowded check-in lines, and busy terminals at the airport.

Here are a few practical airport hacks that will help you to travel safely in 2021.

Check-in online

Avoid waiting in queues at the airport and check=in online. Most airlines have their own smartphone app which enables you to do everything from book tickets to check-in and print luggage labels. Ensure you check what current COVID restrictions and requirements your airline has in place for passengers.

Prepay for parking

Whatever your travel destination, booking your parking online can save you precious time once you arrive at the airport. Airport parking reservations are available at all the busiest airports across the US. If you live in Phoenix, getting Phoenix Sky Harbor airport parking is no longer a hassle. Just a few clicks and you are good to go. It is a lot safer to drive down in your vehicle as commuting in public transport and cabs elevates the risk of contracting the virus

Get prepped for security

Although you can’t control how long you have to wait in line, ensure that you can skip through security as quickly as possible by organizing an extra bag that contains all the things that need to be checked such as laptops and liquids.


Carry your own food and water

It is a good idea to bring your food and water while traveling. Carrying your food items can save you from the ill effects of the virus by keeping you healthy and safe. Cleanliness is vital nowadays, and having your meals with you can also save you from spending extra dollars. Don’t forget to check the departure guidelines to avoid packing any prohibited food items. 

Prioritize virus safety

The pandemic is not over yet, so it is essential to prioritize your safety to avoid infections while traveling. Carry necessary items such as sanitizers and face masks to protect yourself and others. If you wish to travel anywhere, make sure you follow the guidelines given by the local Government. Avoid touching surfaces and maintain a safe distance from people.