9 Highly-Recommended Cities for Long-Term Stays: An Extended Vacationers’ Handbook

As more people trade in their daily 9-to-5 commute for a WFH model, a lot of us are starting to consider a return to international travel. Working remotely opens a world of travel possibilities, all without having to abandon the security of having a regular job. 

Typical 14-day vacations never allow you to experience your destination to its fullest potential. By combining your remote job with a long-term stay, you’ll know you got the most out of your temporary home.

Packing + prepping for long-term travel

You don’t want your ducks to fall out of a row just because you’re leaving for a while. Since you’ll be gone for an extended period, you might want to consider prioritizing some things at home before you leave: 

  • Setting up a virtual mailbox 
  • Subletting your home
  • Getting a house and pet sitter
  • Taking time off from work if needed
  • Shipping your vehicle to your final destination

If you want to save money on rentals and train tickets by bringing your car with you, you might want to look into enclosed trailer transport or other vehicle transport services. Enclosed transport offers better protection to your vehicle and prevents unexpected damage. With your pride and joy vehicle at your side, you can explore any city or country with ease. 

9 highly-recommended cities for long-term stays

Once you’ve made your arrangements, it’s time to start feeding your wanderlust. Here are nine excellent cities for a long-term stay. 

Austin, Texas USA

Keep Austin Weird” is the motto for this artsy urban centre in Texas, and it lives up to this philosophy. The city is a hub for creativity and outdoor adventures, with many hiking and biking trails to conquer and watering holes to splash around in.

Nice, France

Starry eyes may track the Eiffel Tower, but for a long-term stay, you might want to consider the gorgeous southern French city, Nice. Located in the French Riviera nestled along the Mediterranean sea, the town is a beautiful blend of seaside living, glitzy style, and historic charm.  

Honolulu, Hawaii USA

Who hasn’t dreamed of escaping to the sun-drenched beaches of Hawaii at one point or another? As the state’s capital, Honolulu is a bustling metropolis. However, despite its size, it maintains a relaxed, tropical paradise atmosphere. 

Auckland, New Zealand 

Auckland isn’t only New Zealand’s most populated city. It’s a cultural hub, too, with a centralized location and easy access to neighbouring towns. You’ll also find stunning natural landscapes, oceanfront escapes, entertainment, and decadent food in the city.

Montreal, Canada

Canada is home to many beautiful cities, but Montreal tops the list of towns for long-term stays because of endless opportunities for excursions and activities. Border hop to the U.S. if you want, or stick around the city centre to tour the various neighbourhoods, festivals, and outdoor adventure opportunities in the city’s backyard. 


Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

Colorado Springs is an underrated destination. What it lacks in reputation, it makes up for in natural wonders. The mountains and gorgeous red rocks sit in your backyard here, and despite being the second most populated city in Colorado, the area fosters a sense of a close-knit community, welcoming travellers from near and far to its limits. 

Downtown Dubai, Dubai, United States Emirates

Dubai’s ex-pat population grows every year. So no matter where you’re from, you can always find people like you around, especially in the bustling downtown area. From large malls to indoor ski slopes, you’ll never be bored in Dubai.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The city cosies up in the crook of IJmeer Lake, with the river bisecting the city centre and historic homes dotting the waterfront. No place oozes quaint charm quite like Amsterdam. You don’t have to go far for stunning views, outdoor activities, foodie destinations, and cute shops when you’re here.

Before you go

Deciding to leave on a long-term trip is the easy part. Figuring out where you want to go is the hard part. Luckily, it’s hard to go wrong with this list of all-star locales.