3 Epic Locations For Luxurious Adventure Travel

Adventure travel doesn’t have to be synonymous with staying in dorms in hostels and eating $5 dinners.

Those with an adventurous spirit can still get out and explore the more off-beat places around the world whilst still soaking up a little bit of luxury along the way.

The age of the flashpacker is upon us, and there is a wide array of fantastic opportunities out there to enjoy adventure activities whilst still going back to a nice hotel and enjoying a slap-up dinner! Below are 3 destinations perfect for doing just that…


India has really grown as a luxury adventure destination, rising above its mark as a backpacker’s dream location. The sheer size of the country creates such a wide offering, there is something for everyone to enjoy, no matter how picky their tourism palate.

Whether it is the desert regions of Rajasthan filled with royalty and splendor, or the popular laid-back coast of Goa, the mountainous tea area of Darjeeling with its world-class tea farms, or the lazy Kerala Backwaters, there are literally hundreds of locations to choose from.

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As well as offering a huge variety of activities to explore, India is also home to beautiful accommodation to stay at in between your adventures to soothe your tired feet. Enjoy some of Asia’s most luxurious hotels, with Aman Resorts in Anwar, the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai, the Taj Lake Palace in romantic Udaipur, or the sleek Devi Garh, also in Udaipur, all of which you can book here.

Alternatively get aboard a luxury train and chart your way through the country’s exciting and varied landscape. These luxury trains give you a fresh perspective of India, and are truly an inspired and convenient way to explore this vast country.


Italy has long seduced the world with its beautiful cuisine, mind-blowing artistry, and passionate culture. This country’s allure covers all five senses, and as such is one of the world’s most popular luxury destinations.

It is also perfect for adventure, with a huge cross-section of activities to sample during your trip. Whether you tour Florence’s delightful streets, trek through the hills of Tuscany, explore Venice’s mythical waterways, take a train trip, sail around the Amalfi coast or delve into Rome’s majestic history, you will never be disappointed.

The gastronomical adventure alone is also well worth the visit.

For the luxury traveller, you are spoilt for choice on which part of this picturesque country you want to explore. The dramatic Amalfi coast with its fancy resorts is the perfect place to regroup and soak up some luxury after exciting adventures in the surrounding hills, or head over to Venice for a tasteful adventure through this fabled city Renaissance’s glory, or head to the countryside of Lecce, Umbria, and Posito for beautiful walks stopping to enjoy fine Italian wine.

While in transit, there is no shortage of boutique luxury hotels, high end villas and gourmet restaurants along the way.


Head on over to South Africa and pamper yourself silly in this wonderful country. Filled with exciting African adventures, untamed landscapes, and pulsating game reserves, South Africa will keep you excited right from the start.

Safaris are obviously incredibly popular, and understandably so. While on your tour of the famous Kruger National Park, or the private reserves up north, take your pick from the available luxury tented camps and game lodges around.

These lodges deliver unparalleled safari adventures, turning the wild outdoors into wild fun. Enjoy the outdoors like never before with game drive safaris, dinner and breakfast in the bush, and hot air balloon rides, among many other delightful activities.

As you explore the city culture with its very vibrant nightlife, enjoy some of the finest hospitality places in Africa. Stay at the Cape Royale Luxury Hotel, the Fancourt, the rejuvenating Fordoun Spa, among many other places. South Africa is not lacking in luxury accommodation and certainly isn’t short of opportunities for adventure.

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Are you planning to adventure in these three countries during 2023?