The Essential Guide To Securing Last Supper Tickets

Stepping into the tranquil, historic confines of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan unveils the extraordinary opportunity to behold Leonardo Da Vinci’s esteemed painting, “The Last Supper.” This fresco, known as “Il Cenacolo” in Italian, is a must-see for every art enthusiast and historian visiting Milan. However, due to its popularity, securing a slot for its viewing requires forward planning and strategic reservations.

Which is the Best? Last Supper Tickets or a Tour 

Using last supper tickets or tours presents the two main options to attend this important event. Most importantly, either choice is a matter of personal preference, with each option offering its advantages as highlighted below:

  • Booking a Ticket. When you book a ticket, you can enjoy a self-guided visit to the Last Supper Museum, providing you with the opportunity to view the iconic artwork. However, the ticket does not include detailed explanations or deeper insights into the work, as it primarily allows for independent exploration.
  • Last Supper Tour. A Last Supper tour often comes with the expertise of experienced tour operators who can provide additional information about the artwork and its creator, Leonardo da Vinci. Although this option may be more expensive than purchasing a ticket alone, it offers excellent value for money. 

How to Buy a Last Supper Ticket

With a ticket, you gain access to the refectory of Santa Maria Delle Grazie, where you can view the Last Supper. Each ticket allows for a 15-minute viewing time. Additionally, the ticket provides entry to the museum dedicated to the renowned painting, its creator, and ongoing restoration projects.

It is important to note that the museum has a small capacity, allowing a maximum of 35 people at a time. This limited capacity contributes to the fast-selling nature of the tickets and the strict 15-minute viewing time allocation. Here are two options to consider when buying last supper tickets: 

  1. Buy Official Last Supper Site Tickets 

To purchase Last Supper tickets, you can visit the official website of the museum, Cenacolo Vinciano. The ticket prices are designed to be affordable for a wide range of visitors. However, it is essential to process your ticket at least 30 minutes before your scheduled entry time. Consequently, the ticket office opens 30 minutes before the museum’s admission to visitors.

Cenacolo Vinciano, the official website for Last Supper tickets, provides a hassle-free booking experience without any additional fees. They update the availability of tickets daily, often due to cancellations from group tours. Moreover, the prices offered on this site are unbeatable. However, it can be frustrating to navigate the website, and tickets sell out almost instantly upon release. It’s important to note that rescheduling or refunds are not available, and there is no guaranteed admission through free ticket applications, as they are subject to availability.

  1. Using Official Partners for Last Supper Tickets

An official partner for last supper tickets is a viable option. Companies like serve as reliable partners for ticket bookings. They offer a range of ticket and tour options, including skip-the-line offers. Many of these tours also include visits to other popular sights in central Milan, such as Piazza del Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Booking with official partners not only provides a greater variety of ticket and tour options but also offers user-friendly websites and more flexible cancellation policies compared to the official site. However, it is worth noting that official partners may have slightly higher prices due to the added convenience they offer.

What to Expect When Visiting the Last Supper Museum

Upon arriving at the museum, you will notice the careful organization designed to protect and preserve this historical marvel. The Last Supper painting itself is in the former refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, an architectural gem of both Gothic and Renaissance styles.

Due to the delicate state of the painting, the museum has implemented a sophisticated air filtration system. Prior to entering the room with the painting, visitors must undergo an air filtration process to remove dust particles that might potentially harm the artwork. Expect to spend 15 minutes in this purification room before proceeding to view the painting.

Once inside, the viewing experience is unrushed despite its 15-minute limit. The limited number of visitors per viewing session allows for an intimate appreciation of da Vinci’s masterpiece, free from overcrowding.


Selecting the right ticket and tour provider is very important. Factors such as group size, tour duration, and included attractions should all be taken into account. Opting for a Milan tour that also incorporates the Last Supper ensures better value for your money, allowing you to experience more of the city’s highlights. Again, booking your tour with an official partner guarantees that all tour guides have undergone a rigorous examination to obtain their license.