The Budget Traveller’s Guide To Getting Cheap Flight Deals

Gone are the days when people would only look forward to travelling within their comfort zone. With the inception of social media and digital platforms, the beauty of this world is not hidden from any of us. Each of those pictures compels us to take one more step and go the extra mile to plan a vacation in another part of the world.

Travelling is good for your health because it not only provides relaxation to the brain but also gives an opportunity to go on a social detox for some time. However, to enjoy your travel experience, it is imperative for you to have enough money for the vacation and a well-managed spending plan.

Here, in this article, we will guide you through a few tips that will help you find a cheap flight. The first expense you will incur after ensuring you’re eligible for a visa is the airfare so it pays to get the best deal you can.

Search for a range of dates and flight route

The first thing you need to do when looking for a cheap flight is to be flexible. Don’t limit your choice of airline or the dates you want to fly out and back. Pick where you want to go and see what prices are available.

If you want a cheaper flight, check available flights via Momondo and Google Flights. Don’t limit yourself to one airline or one route, you can often save by flying to a nearby airport and then travelling overland to reach your destination.

You should also consider how flexible you can be with your dates of travel. You’re more likely to find a better deal if you aren’t limited to a particular schedule.

Avoid booking for peak travel times

You will be shocked to know, airlines charge more than twice the usual rate in peak travel months. If you have already planned to visit the US for Christmas, it is wise enough to book a flight 4 months before your visit.

In Europe and North America, the cheapest time to fly is from January through Mid-May and September through early December. Furthermore, if you plan to travel during New Year’s Eve, Christmas and peak summer, airline costs will take up a larger portion of your budget. Furthermore, the costs will vary according to the specific destination.

Travel on off-peak days

What are the cheapest days to fly? Saturday, Wednesday and Tuesday are acknowledged as the cheapest days to travel. Sunday and Friday are expensive because a lot of people travel out and back from their holidays on these dates to maximise their time away. Don’t fall for what the gossip mongers have to say on the internet.

Keep in mind that sometimes premium economy or even business class tickets can be more cost-effective than those in regular economy. Depending on occupancy levels airlines may discount these tickets at random times so it’s worth keeping an eye on these options just in case.


Book a deal when you see it – don’t wait!

If you found a great airfare online, there’s no way to tell how long the seats will be available at that price. Most people overlook cheap flights in the pursuit of finding an even cheaper option.

Some airfare comparison sites offer details of average booking prices based on recent and historical purchase data so you can use these to establish whether the deal really is worth grabbing.

Book at the optimum time

Depending on your chosen destination this can be a tricky one to work out, however, there are optimum times to actually book flights. A lot of airlines have a sale in January where you can secure a reduced rate on a route that doesn’t usually get discounted.

You can also usually get a better deal on a flight between two to four months before it is scheduled to depart. Then again some tickets are offered at very low rates last minute whereas others shoot up a few days before. It is worth looking at previous trends to find out when to book a particular route.


Have you got your own tips for booking cheap flights? Share your recommendations below.

Featured photo by Briana Tozour on Unsplash