Places Worth Visiting in the Italian Island of Sicily

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It has a rich history that dates back to 12000 BC, visible in its famous archaeological sites.

Sicily has been a part of the Greek colony, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire and ruled independently as the kingdom of Sicily as well. Here are the top reasons for exploring this fantastic Italian island and Why Sicily should be in your itinerary?

There are many things worth seeing in Sicily: rich archeological sites, natural richness and last but not the least my personal favorite the marvelous Italian Cuisine.

 Here are the top spots that you should visit in your Italian trip:


This is probably the first place from where you can start your memorable Sicilian journey. Palermo is the capital of Sicily. It is full of historical monuments and buildings that are a must-see. Some of the places are the Norman Palace, Palermo Cathedral, the Ballaro Market, and the Massimo Theatre. One area that is also worth paying a visit is the Monreale Cathedral, which has the famous golden mosaics that are made of 2200 kg of pure gold.


Cefalu is the most picturesque place in Sicily. It is a small fishing town, full of seaside resorts, sandy beaches, and medieval valleys. To have a panoramic view of this beautiful town, you should climb the top of La Rocca di Cefalu, the famous cliff that overlooks this small fishing town. To capture this scenic beauty in your memories forever we recommend you to take pictures. Moreover, to keep your cell phones safe during your journey, we suggest that you should install phone-tracking apps in your devices before starting any journey and for top review do visit mspy reviews.


This world-famous town is known as ‘the Pearl of Sicily.’ From here, you can enjoy the majestic view of the plains of Catania, Etna, and Isola Bella. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Sicily. Therefore, we recommend that you should visit this place off-season so you can enjoy to the fullest. Some places that you should visit are the Taormina Greek Theatre, Piazza IX Aprile, and Madonna della Rocca Church.  


This amazing city lies on the east coast of Sicily. This city is a real example of the vast Western Greek diaspora in this region. It was the home of the world-famous mathematician and engineer Archimedes. Syracuse has a historic old town: the island of Ortygia, which is surrounded by the sea and connected to the modern westward extension of the city by three small bridges.

The places worth visiting in this city are the 5th century BC theatre of Parco Archeologico where the Ancient Greek plays are still performing during the summers, the temple of Minerva, and the Duomo.

The Valley of Temples:

The famous valley of temples lies next to the city of Agrigento. Ruins of eight temples are visible here but the two of them are almost complete, and they are the temple of Concorde and the temple of Hera.

Scala dei Turchi:

At 20 minutes’ drive from the valley of temples lies the famous Scala dei Turchi. It is a white limestone cliff, in which erosion has carved steps. With the background of turquoise sea and excellent sea beaches, it gives a picturesque view.