New Domain & New Design For Wanderlusters

Benjamin Jones

It all started just over 14 months ago.

Inspired by the likes of the Dani & Jess at Globetrotter Girls, Dave & Deb at The Planet D and Nora Dunn at The Professional Hobo we migrated our online journal from Tumblr to WordPress and was born.

Knowing nothing of the blogging world and even less about the concept of managing a website we quickly set about teaching ourselves the basics.

A foray into the weird and wacky world of blogging, we had planned to ‘give it 12 months’ and see if blogging about our travels was a viable way to enrich our travel fund.

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Here we are, 14 months later with a successful travel blog.

We’re not that great at bragging about our success but we’re thrilled to report that; Our content has been featured by industry leaders online, both Ben and myself have picked up freelance work in the travel media world and we’re even regular contributors to a few publications in the USA.

As our blog has evolved, in turn so have we.

Where once I would have told you that I worked in the contemporary arts world, I can now call myself a travel writer. Published by a number of well known names including the Huffington Post, Expedia, Australian Traveller and WildJunket Magazine, I’m finding my feet in an industry I had never dreamed I’d find a way into.

Ben’s evolution from IT consultant to web designer and photographer is evident in each line of code and every image that makes up our new site. Highlighted by photography giant ViewBug just a few months after we started to blog, his talent for looking at the world through a lens is evident in the quality of the photography here on our site.

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Anyway enough of my navel gazing …

Along with our new design we’ve launched a new menu. Colourful and concise it showcases the main themes of our site; Adventure, Travel, Housesitting and Photography.

Our tag line ‘Live For Adventure’ offers insight into the articles you’ll find as you navigate through the site. From travel guides and cultural observations, to trip reports and destination inspiration we’re bringing you the best in off the beaten path travel.

Our new lifestyle section delves into our desire for a sustainable way to travel and our love of eco adventures. You’ll also find our guest author series and vagabonding guides here too.

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As we continue to evolve as individuals so to will

Influenced by our experience of travel the site has become much more than a journal; it’s now a resource for those seeking a more immersive travel experience and an almanac of inspiration for those with itchy travel feet.

In looking forward we must also take the time to reflect on how it is we have arrived at this point. The answer in truth is through the support of those who have read, commented, liked and shared our content over the last 14 months.

Without an audience our site is nothing, so thank you for reading. We hope you’ve enjoyed each and every line of type, and each photograph of our wanderlust adventures.

All the images in this post were taken on our travels and shared as travelgrams via our Instagram feed. Follow us on Instagram from more inspiring travel photography!

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