St Lucia’s Marigot Bay Offers Adventurous Travellers More

It’s 7am in St Lucia and, having just finished an early morning Hatha yoga class, I’m laid in savasana pose on a palm-covered deck overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

I wouldn’t normally start my day in this manner, however the ochre tones of sunrise inspired me to rise early and make the most of the opportunity to break away from the mundane routine awaiting me back home.

Traditionally, at Caribbean water-front resorts the focus is directed to powder-soft sands that stretch out toward the ocean in undulating swathes of white.

Guests spend their days laid under canopy as drinks flow and food is served, but for an active traveler such as myself the novelty of this soon wears thin. However, at the Marigot Bay Resort and Marina located on St Lucia’s west coast this is certainly not the case: A verdant oasis of calm, the bay has long played host to visiting adventurers.

Surrounded by forested hills on three sides it is known locally as ‘the hurricane hole’ and is recognised as one of the world’s true safe harbours; the area’s picturesque beauty is undeniably also a major draw. Thanks to the bay’s sheltered position and naturally deep waters it is an attractive hideaway for sailors escaping stormy seas, however it’s abundantly clear that these features also appeal to those seeking a more dynamic Caribbean escape.

Aside from the fitness suite, wellness classes, and spa facilities, which optimise the island’s wealth of medicinal flora and are certainly noteworthy, the bay and its namesaked resort have many activities to offer.

marigot bay offers adventurous travellers more

The adjacent Capella Marina boasts berthing for yachts up to 85m (280 ft) in length and up to 7m (20 ft) in draft. With 42 berths and 20 mooring buoys there’s plenty of space for yachties to moor up and hang out safe in the knowledge that if the trade winds should change they’re out of harm’s way.

marigot bay offers adventurous travellers more

However for those of us who didn’t arrive under sail, there are opportunities to make the most of the azure waters that you’ll hear lulling you to sleep each evening.

From aside the Marina office a small passenger ferry runs the width of the bay to a white sandy peninsula shaded by coconut palms; in the four days I’m there I make this trip every day because it’s here adventure lays in wait.

On the tip of the isthmus sits a ramshackle shed where proprietor Cosmos Williams rents water sports equipment to those keen to hit the waves; Aside the structure short rows of Hobie Cat sailboats, canoes, and SUP boards cover the beach.

As clouds pass over the bay their shadows bring a patchwork of gusts that propel my sailboat forward during the morning, and challenge my resolve to stay afloat on a SUP board in the afternoon.

Around me the verdant hills frame the sky and luxury yachts pepper the foreground. What draws people here is obvious. On the beach I meet a guy from London who “can’t get enough of that view”.

staying at marigot bay resort and marina in st lucia

For me, the friendly staff are one of the most charming features of the resort.

On my second morning I’m joined on the ferry by Junior whose attire of boat shoes, a bright white T-shirt, and chinos are a stark contrast to my gym tights, rucksack, and trainers. He works at the resort and has offered to guide me on the 1000 ft near vertical climb up the ridge that cradles the bay; a challenging three-hour hike the reward includes marvelous views over the water and, on a clear day you can see the neighboring island of Martinique.


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His humor is electric and his stories distract me from the burning sensation in my thighs; don’t let my grousing deter you, just take a look at my panoramic prize.

Phew, that’s a lot of activity. I bet that by now you’d probably appreciate a little libation? Good job there’s a distillery just a stone’s throw from the bay. Tasting rum might not be the main reason travelers visit Marigot Bay but I certainly agree it should feature highly on their itinerary.

Younger than his years in appearance and softly spoken in his enthusiasm Barbadian born rum professional Dennis showcases West Indian rums nightly at the Rum Cave; A delightfully snug bar on-site at the Marigot Bay Resort and Marina it is furnished with rum barrels and award-winning bottles of alluring black nectar. Just like Junior, Dennis was a master at his craft, so much so that I packed a bottle of my favorite rum, the local Admiral Rodney, into my checked baggage to enjoy on my return home.

staying at marigot bay resort and marina in st lucia

Worried you’ll taste one too many and wake to find you’re nursing a headache the following day?

Don’t worry, you can sweat it off by climbing Gros Piton, detox your aching muscles with a massage in the Auriga Spa, or indulge in a little R&R and make the most of the resort’s lavish pool; It’s equipped with floating sun loungers.

staying at marigot bay resort and marina in st lucia

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  1. This resort has a lot to offer. Love the fact you can go hiking and take in the beautiful views and go deep in the water. Would love to stay here.

  2. I’ve been to St. Lucia 2x and just loved it…thus the return trip! You’ve convinced me a stay at the Marigot Bay Resort is in order. Although we did take a boat trip to enjoy a restaurant for dinner in Marigot Bay, we missed out on a lot of these activities. I’d have loved that hike overlooking the Bay! 3rd time’s the charm! 😉

    1. I’d love to visit the island again and I’ll definitely be returning to Marigot Bay Resort & Marina. There’s just so much to do, and those views are breathtaking!

  3. Looks like quite the place to enjoy a trip! I’ve never been to St. Lucia but I agree nothing like the Caribbean to inspire early rising and yoga!

  4. Marigot Bay looks like paradise. I love your video, so special. And it’s great to see you got out and explore the island. The hiking there looks stunning.

  5. Hahaha, you are talking about my favorite Yoga pose too. I love the picture of the bay from the hill top. I have never been to the Caribbeans …I hope time will come not too late….

  6. Sounds like an incredible spot – I’m exactly the same with getting bored with too much relaxation lol I like the idea of a holiday where I just laze in a hammock or the beach, though after a day or so I’m itching to get up and active and explore – always time for a new adventure! I end up needing a vacation from my vacation lol so it’s fabulous that Marigot Bay offers both adventure and rejuvenation!

    The bay is so beautiful, awesome to know it’s one of the world’s true safe harbours. What an exiting trip!!

    1. Thanks for your comment Megan! For me paradise is a brisk hike to a fabulous view point! Followed by some time on the sand and a rum punch. Marigot Bay has it all!

  7. The views are really breathtaking. The Marigot Bay Ridge climb seems to be really worth all the hard work. I can the view from the cliff is so stunning. And there is so much to do here, never a dull moment I am sure.

    1. The ridge climb is challenging but as you can see from the view, well worth the sweat! The guide made the experience all the more enjoyable, his childhood tales of growing up in the bay were a lot of fun to listen to.

  8. Marigot Bay looks like the perfect paradise. I can picture myself taking part in one of the yoga classes or lounging poolside. Definitely checking this place out the next time I’m in St. Lucia.

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