KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Are #HappyToHelp

Jessey de Graaf

While there were numerous highlights of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ recent #happytohelp campaign, there is one that particularly highlighted the core values of the brand and outstanding customer service as a whole.

This came when a stricken passenger with another airline was faced with delays on their flight from Amsterdam to New York, which would have started their trip on a sour note. KLM’s #happytohelp team arranged for a speedboat taxi to collect the passenger from the airport in New York and enabled him to beat the traffic and meet his schedule.

Not only was this passenger the customer of another airline, but his issue also cost a great deal of time and money to resolve. KLM’s assistance perfectly embodied the core principles of customer service, however, in that it exceeded expectation in a bid to ensure that paying consumers achieved their goals.

Cost and boundaries were not given consideration, and nor was the fact that the passenger in question was travelling with another airline. This is where KLM went above and beyond the standard ideals of good customer service, as it reached out to an international community of travellers without discriminating based on their allegiance.

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