How to Get to the Most Remote Places on Earth

With the dawn of social media and what studies have coined “social media envy”; the nomadic globetrotter lifestyle is growing at an alarming rate and at the same time is allowing the world to see their travels whether good or bad.

The media is one of those tools that is a double edged sword. While it has given us extreme amounts of information on every place to travel to and has spawned shows like Anthony Bourdain’s “ No Reservations”  and “Parts Unknown”, this very information and shows have allowed us to see amazing remote places but they have also showed us the price such travels come with.

With all the media attention, some amazing places have come under the western influence and profit tours. It is becoming almost impossible to find a remote place on this earth that has been untouched by westerners.

So what are the best ways to get to the most remote places in the world?

Renting your own boat

Many remote places can be visited or navigated on water. It is not by chance that most of the historic cities in various parts of the world are on some of type of waterway. Whether it is a river or sea, people use waterways to transport goods, people, food, and also irrigation.

There are many reasons in favor of chartering a boat and although it can be pricey, one has to consider that it is usually an all inclusive deal including lodging, a kitchen to prepare food or even a cook, and also activities like scuba diving, swimming or fishing.

Some of the many fantastic places you could tour are along the Amazon in South America, the Mekong and other tributaries in SE Asia, the Mediterranean, and many islands around the Philippines.

Chartering your own plane

If you are not looking to waste any time and need to get to your destination as soon as possible with as much flexibility as possible, renting a private jet is obviously the way to go. One of the many reasons a chartered plane is a good choice, is simply because airports alone are one of the limiting factors of getting to remote locations.

Sometimes you’ll have a limited choice of remote destinations to travel to simply because of the fact that commercial airlines do not fly everywhere. When you have the ability to charter private jet then you are able to navigate your own routes. With a good company all the navigation and safety precautions will be worked out ahead of time.

Horseback riding

If you have already made it to your destination and you are looking for an adventure, then riding a horse is definitely going to get you to that remote destination. Horseback riding allows for the explorer to get to places where almost any type of transportation couldn’t. 

A quick search online can get you a lot of information on horseback trips across the globe. From Asia, to Europe, South America, and even the United States, one can find a guide and many different options to choose from. If slow treks across rivers, mountains, or even nomadic plains are the type of adventure you are looking for, then finding your solitude by horseback is your answer.

Even though traditional modes of transportation cannot get you to your desired remote destination, it doesn’t mean you should ax your idea altogether. It just means you need to be more resourceful and research alternative transportation solutions like traveling by boat, chartering a private jet or horseback riding.

Have you journeyed to a remote destination? Share your travel recommendations below.