How To Bring the Luxury of First Class Travel to Your Home

Sometimes a hotel room is so beautiful you never want to leave. Five star hotels are often nicer than our own homes – so pleasing to the eye and at the highest level of comfort imaginable. 

The majority of us aren’t lucky enough to live in five star luxury all the time, but there are a few ways you can bring that style back to your own home to recreate the experience.

Here are six ways to bring the luxury of first class travel to your home.


Nothing says luxury quite like slipping into a big bed made with sheets and blankets of the finest quality. There’s something about five star hotel linen that’s just softer and cozier than anywhere else.

Bring that to your own home by buying quality sheets for your bed. A company like Frette is ideal to go with as they provide linens to luxury hotels across the world, which means you know you’ll get that exact level of comfort you’re looking for. Don’t forget to stock up on pillows too – piles of these are needed to recreate that hotel experience.


One of the most satisfying things about being in a luxury hotel is that you have all these new toiletries to test out. Lotions, shampoos, hand soaps, and more are neatly lined up next to the sink, and each day you work through them and try something new.

Set up your bathroom like a luxury hotel, something as simple as installing black tapware can totally transform the room’s aesthetic. You could also buy quality toiletries which will add an instant touch of luxury. Test out different products so that you can find your perfect selection, and arrange them in your bathroom in an organized, inviting way.


A quality hotel room always comes with a coffee and tea set on a tray, accompanied by little boxes full of tea bags, delicious coffee, and other bits and pieces. High-end hotels have beautiful teapots and cafetières, and everything matches perfectly together.

Even though you’re steps away from your kitchen when at home, there’s something indulgent about putting a coffee and tea set in your bedroom and having it there for your early-morning fix or a late-night refreshment. Treat yourself to a set that looks like it could be in a hotel room, and keep it full of your favourite drinks.


There’ll always be something to nibble on in a good hotel room, so keep a few goodies by your bedside or on a desk in your room to create that five-star feel. Buy some luxury chocolates and have one before bed each night, or put some quality biscuits on your coffee and tea tray.

The only problem with this one – you’ll have to stop yourself from eating the lot, because unlike a hotel, no one but you is going to refill them!


Having a soft, fluffy robe to lounge around in after a shower or bath is essential to the luxury hotel experience, and an easy way to bring that quality to your home. You could even go the whole hog and buy yourself some slippers to match.

If you’ve stayed in a particularly good hotel, you could buy robes directly from them in order to get the exact feel you want. Plus, they come embroidered with the hotel’s name, emphasizing that feeling of hotel luxury even more.


The pleasing thing about hotel décor is that everything in the room coordinates together and works to create a concept. Take inspiration from the best hotels you’ve stayed in around the world and bring it back to your own bedroom with signature pieces.

Buy matching lamps to put either side of your bed, or a comfy chair to have in the corner of the room with a cushion that matches your bed sheets. You could even look out for small pieces on your travels and ship them home, then create your bedroom’s look around it to feel like a hotel in that country.

Featured image via CC Flickr by Experience Greece