How To Become a Successful Travel Blogger by Maximising SEO

If you are looking for an adventure, want to travel the world for less and explore off the beaten paths, here are few tips that can make you a successful travel blogger. In today’s day and age, there are a lot of ways to promote your work and be an aspiring travel blogger. With the help of the internet, you can build up a huge online presence that can draw adventure wanderers to dive into your journey around the world. 

SEO or Search engine optimization plays a very important role in the progress of your business. With the help of SEO, your posts can rank higher in search engines and get more clicks to your website.  The first thing you need to understand is why SEO is important for your website to thrive.

(7 Tips to Become a Successful Travel Blogger with SEO. Credit: Pixabay)

Why SEO?

When you create a travel website for yourself, SEO provides ways to improve and amplify your website and drive traffic to your site. It maximizes user experience by providing relevant information through articles, photos and videos. By doing so you can get more clicks to your website and could create higher conversion rates. SEO is cost-effective and can help your business grow. An excellent web hosting provider can help boost your website with great speed and uptime. If you are a blogger in Canada and looking for a good web host, plenty of Canadian web hosts are available for you to kickstart your website. 

Tips in Travel SEO

On-page SEO

  1. Optimize your website 

A good design and structure of your website will allow your visitors and search engines to navigate and locate your site without any hassle. Strategically categorizing the number of pages will make your page more pleasing. Homepage SEO is essential to improve site engagement. Use your meta title and meta description tags that are related to the nature of your site. And you can also use schema markup on your site for better ranking. You must have a clear URL structure and eye-catchy headlines or titles on your individual pages.

  1. High Quality Content

The internet is a sea of high quality content. Your website can stand out amongst the sites by optimizing your blog content with target keywords that can draw in a lot of organic traffic. By placing your keywords naturally in your content will help your users understand your blogs better. 

  1. Interlinking and External Links

Interlinking your posts and blogs with relevant content will make your website more informative. You can also like your money pages or commercial pages to blogs to gain more attraction. Keep a limit on your interlinks and have nature anchor texts that tell search engines about the connection. Use external links to connect with authority sites that are highly relevant to your content and niche, passing the more powerful link juices.

  1. Mobile-Friendly 

It is important to optimize your site for cross device compatibility and performance. Make sure your on-page elements load quickly on mobile devices and display clearly on different screen sizes. Google ranks websites that are more mobile responsive, by doing so you will be able to reach a wider range of audience.

Off-page SEO

  1. Guest Posts

Guest posts are often hard to achieve since most travel bloggers would demand money for guest posting opportunities. You can also find lateral industries that accept guest posts for free or at your budget. By identifying a niche that can work for both markets such as gadget blogs, etc.

  1. Email Marketing

One great way to get people to your website to read your content is to provide links in your emails. Not only do these links take email recipients to your website, but they can also help to increase traffic and conversions, which is the goal of SEO in the first place.

  1. Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is another fantastic match for SEO. Sharing links to your website on your social media platforms is a great way to drive traffic and conversions. Just like email marketing, you can link your social media platforms on your website which is a huge benefit to your SEO campaign which increases brand awareness. 

(7 Tips to Become a Successful Travel Blogger with SEO. Credit: UnSplash)

A few years ago, SEO wouldn’t be as important as it is today. With the amount of businesses and people coming up online, it is critical to have a good web presence in this day and age. It is considered a new age marketing technique and implementing a strong SEO expert on your brands website will definitely boost your website among your rivaling competition.

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