The Best Aquatic Adventures In Lahaina, HI


Formerly known as Lele, meaning “relentless sun” in Hawaiian, Lahaina is a historic town in the heart of West Maui. Once the capital of The Kingdom of Hawaii, it was the center of the region’s whaling industry.

Today Lahaina’s sunny climate and oceanfront setting host fleets of pleasure craft, whale watching vessels, and dive boats that offer a wealth of aquatic adventures to those seeking an active escape in paradise.

Searching for the best way to get out on the water during your stay? Here’s our pick of five aquatic adventures in Lahaina, HI.


From your base in Lahaina hit the beaches that border the West Maui Mountains and try out the latest craze in board sports, skim boarding.

Much like a surf board, a skim board is used to glide across the surface of the ocean. However those who aren’t bowled over by the thought of surfing the waves that crash on Maui’s fringing reefs can stay shore side, and skim the breakers crashing onto the sand.


Source Jim Mayfield
Source Jim Mayfield

Why Snuba? Snuba offers a taste of the scuba diving experience without the need for any certification and training. Ideal for those short on time or anxious of their ability to manage dive training, snuba is the perfect blend of scuba and snorkeling.

From your budget hotel in Lahaina you can explore the pristine reefs that border Maui’s west coast, soak in the sights of Hawaii’s colorful marine life, and watch as turtles indulge in a little rest and relaxation at coral cleaning stations!


Maui’s seascapes are as compelling as the volcanic vistas found on the beaches and mountain trails that blanket the island’s topside. So if you’re not into scuba and you’ve no desire to snuba, hop aboard the Atlantis Submarine and immerse yourself in the underwater world hidden beneath the waves.

Fly past the living wreck of a 19th century supply vessel, now home to a wealth of marine life, and explore the terrain of Lahaina’s coastline that boasts a wealth of volcanic architecture and a diverse mix of aquatic inhabitants.

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Source Scott Moore
Source Scott Moore

Renowned as the gateway to some of the world’s best whale watching, Lahaina is a great destination for wildlife enthusiasts with the desire to see some of our oceans’ most majestic inhabitants.See also

Join the crew of Maui’s Hawaii Ocean Project for an informative and exciting aquatic adventure that offers the opportunity to observe whales playfully surfacing, tail slapping, and blowing jets of water into the air.


Source Lantus
Source Lantus

The Hawaiian Historian Herb Kane said “The Wa’a (a traditional Hawaiian canoe) shaped the Hawaiian people physically, intellectually and spiritually as much as the Hawaiians shaped the logs that became their canoes.”

Experience Maui’s deep-rooted connection with the ocean that surrounds its shores and join Paddle Maui for an afternoon on the water in an authentic Hawaiian racing canoe. Explore the shores of Lahaina and west Maui just as the first settlers would have over two and a half thousand years ago!

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