Here’s Why You’ll Love Moving to Whistler

Whistler is often lauded as one of the best vacation destinations in Canada. However, for as much as people talk about the area as a vacation destination, there is little chatter about actually living in the area. Don’t let this dissuade you from looking for real estate for sale in Whistler, as everyone who visits loves the area and wishes they were resident.

Residents of Whistler get to enjoy many of the same things that vacationers do, with some added benefits on top. So why would you want to move to Whistler? Let’s take a look. 

Whistler Blackcomb

It’s hard to talk about the positives of living in Whistler without talking about Whistler Blackcomb. The ski resort is often lauded as one of the best in the world and having it so close by is surely a treat. The area even hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics, so you know that the resort is extremely high-quality. If you’re a skier or a snowboarder, having something like this practically in your backyard is a dream. Living in Whistler means you have access to a premier vacation destination without even going anywhere. If you move to Whistler, you’ll definitely take advantage of this great location. 

Outdoor Activities

Although the most common Whistler activities are skiing and snowboarding, there are also activities that residents can take part in. Whistler has an abundance of hiking trails, allowing residents to get out and explore the area’s beautiful scenery. There are also other great outdoor activities such as helicopter rides and golf courses. Additionally, there is an abundance of natural areas like lakes and beaches for residents to explore. If you like getting outside and exploring nature, Whistler is the perfect place for you. 


Abundant Amenities

Since Whistler is such a popular tourist destination, it’s only natural that the area would have plenty of amenities to enjoy. Although these are usually catered towards tourists, that doesn’t mean that residents can’t take advantage. Whistler has plenty of great restaurants and shops for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, local bars see lots of traffic thanks to tourists, leading to a vibrant nightlife that you wouldn’t expect outside of the city. Living in Whistler allows you to take advantage of the abundance of amenities, meaning there are many great things you can do throughout the year. 

Whistler to Vancouver

While Whistler is known for its great outdoor areas and activities, it still isn’t far from city life. The distance between Whistler and Vancouver is relatively short, meaning Whistler residents can have the best of both worlds. If they need anything from the city or want to have the perks of city life, Vancouver is just a short trip away. Day trips to the city are very common among Whistler residents. You can take a trip to Vancouver to visit outlets and go shopping, or you can visit a high-quality city restaurant.

If you want to live in an area that provides the benefits of the great outdoors yet isn’t that far off the map, Whistler is a fantastic option.