Challenge yourself to try these 5 exhilarating activities before you die

Skydiving Guy James via photopin cc

Giving yourself a challenge, and perhaps even putting yourself outside your comfort zone a little, makes life so much more exciting and rewarding. Below are five ideas for things that you simply must try before you die.

1. Shower beneath a waterfall

Nothing connects you to nature and makes you feel at one with the majesty of a gushing waterfall than taking a shower beneath the tumbling water. So why not pack some eco friendly shampoo on your next camping trip and freshen up in this most exhilarating of ways? Wild swimming in a natural pool of water is another amazing experience that, similarly, enables you to feel close to nature and totally carefree.

2. Visit a world famous landmark

From Stonehenge to the Great Sphinx, there are innumerable amazing monuments scattered across the seven continents of the globe. You can travel to another hemisphere or just take the train from your home town: there are exciting places to discover everywhere. Marvel at the splendour of the past and have the experience of a lifetime. Or, why not visit a natural wonder such as the geysers of Iceland or the Great Barrier reef? Make sure to take plenty of photographs so that you can display them on your walls when you return home and relive those wonderful memories whenever you look at them.

3. Tell someone you love them

OK, this does not involve the death defying leap of a bungee jump but this can be one of the most thrilling, scary and life changing challenges of all. Is there anyone that you would like to say those magic words to today?

4. Book yourself in for a flying experience

Nothing makes you feel so wonderfully free as soaring through the air like a bird. A flying session is ideal for any aviation fanatic, of course, but it will appeal to anyone who wants to experience the unique feeling of liftoff from the earth. See the fields, towns and cities turn into a patchwork pattern beneath you and create moments that you will remember for the rest of your life. There are plenty of different flying experiences available on the market. Some enable you to parachute jump, for instance, whilst others may even allow you to take control of a plane for yourself. Alternatively, just opt for a leisurely trip in a hot air balloon or a byplane and watch the world go by.

5. Write a book

Everyone has a story to tell, so why not get yours on the page? Whether your medium of expression is fiction or poetry, autobiography or the graphic novel, unlock your creative energy and let your imagination flow free. Some people love tracing their family trees to create a wonderful work of family history to pass on to their grandchildren, for example. Others discover a hidden talent as a poet and go on to sell many copies of their works. You never know until you try!