Around the world in five cocktails: Here’s a travel guide with a twist

An elegantly crafted cocktail is a thing of beauty and can create a lasting memory of the location in which it is served. Travel guide with a twist.

I know from my own experience travelling the world that there are certain things that define my memory of a destination; the food, the people, and sometimes a particular taste or smell, something that sticks in my mind, that I always recall when reminiscing about my stay.

Intrigued by the idea that a particular drink could inspire thoughts of a single destination, I’ve put together a travel guide (with a twist) to some of my favourite places.


One of the best examples I can share with you is my memory of the first Mount Gay Old Fashioned cocktail I drank on Barbados. Sitting at the ocean front bar of Cobblers Cove, a traditional plantation house on Barbados, I watched as the barman whipped up his specialty cocktail, the Mount Gay Old Fashioned.

Muddling orange peel with rum and sugar the air was suddenly filled with the scent of citrus, a smell which now takes me back to that idyllic island moment.

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This cocktail boasts an interesting history and bridges a link between the capital city of London and the lively southern city of New Orleans in the southern U.S.A..

Many New Orleanians seem to believe that the Pimm’s Cup is native to their city but it was actually first served there by the Napoleon House, a restaurant in the French Quarter. The barman had discovered that the cocktail was served in England during the warm British summer to keep patrons from completely inebriating themselves through dehydration.

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While there are some who believe this now iconic cocktail originated at New York’s Knickerbocker Hotel, the most likely claim of ownership comes from the makers of Martini & Rossi, an Italian sweet vermouth that was first produced in 1863.

Customers ordering a gin and vermouth concoction at a bar would simply ask for a “gin and Martini”.

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As with most older cocktails no one can agree on exactly how this iconic drink should be made.

Needless to say the Raffles Hotel in Singapore is really the only establishment who can boast that theirs is the original, having developed the original cocktail at the turn of the 20th century.

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Widley considered to be one of the best cocktails of all time – I still haven’t tried one – the Sidecar offers a delicate flavour from a blend of just three ingredients; congac, triple sec, and fresh lemon juice.

Supposedly the drink originated at the Ritz Hotel in Paris sometime in the early 20th century, however recipes differ depending on which side of the English channel you find yourself.

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