A Foreign Student’s Guide to Studying in Berlin

The city of Berlin was once the site of the most inhumane acts in history. The unreasonable genocide of a race and the near extinction of their culture.

Since then however, its reputation has long been improved. It is now a center of historical culture and importance, and its education has been praised the world over. It is no wonder why the city has been an attractive place for students to live in.

Student accommodation in Berlin is one of the best anywhere in the world. In spite of this, moving to a new place can still be intimidating for students. Being away from the family and being outside their comfort zone can do that to you.

So, how can students go about settling down in the city of Berlin?


When living in an unfamiliar city, the only way to get comfortable living in it is to get yourself comfortable going around it. Familiarise yourself with every street and every corner.

Walk or commute on public transport during the first few days in the city and eventually, you will know the ins and outs of the city like the back of your hand.


It can get lonely when you live alone in a student accommodation in Berlin. The best solution is to get out more and meet local people. However, getting familiar with the city may not be enough to get you to assimilate into the city’s life. Get close with someone who does. It can speed up the process and before you know it, you are culturally appreciating and living the life in Berlin, the way it should be.

The quicker this happens, the quicker you can feel at home.


This is essential, just like anywhere else in the world. This is an intricate part of your day-to-day life in the city, especially when you are trying to get somewhere.

Also, it is an important aspect in building relationships. It may not help determine the strength of the bond, however, it can make it easier. Moreover, it is a good bragging point when you go home.


As big a city as Berlin, you know that there will be a lot going on. Parties, concerts, and holiday events are common. This will urge you to get out of your student accommodation in Berlin and explore. Don’t. Going out now and then is a given, but do not do it to the detriment of your studies. Remember what you came to Berlin for and finish it with gusto. You have all the time to party after.

Berlin always had that air of negativity that came from the gore that she witnessed. However, we should never hold it against the city. It has since become one of the best places to get your education, and it should be remembered as such, and not for its horrid past. Student flock, and it can be daunting. However, follow these tips and you should be alright.