7 Of The Best Careers For People Who Love To Travel

Travelling the world can be expensive, and at times (say during the midst of a global pandemic) be challenging. However, if you’re travelling for work rather than as part of a gap year escape or adventurous trip, it can be much easier to facilitate.

Earning as you explore the world gives you the opportunity to bolster your bank balance whilst funding an international adventure and gaining valuable life experience. What are the best careers to choose if you want to travel? Here are some jobs you may not have considered.

Au Pair

Looking after children and living with a host family is a unique and immersive way to experience foreign cultures, so it’s no surprise that the role is one of the most in-demand worldwide. Anyone can apply to be an au pair however it helps if you have experience caring for children. You’ll also likely need to provide a police background check and character references.

Travel photographer

Travelling with a camera and a keen eye for the perfect shot is a particularly desirable way to see the world. Whether you get a gig as an event photographer at your chosen destination, set up your own travel photography blog, or opt to take a job with a publishing company and accompany journalists on assignment, you’re guaranteed to see a whole different side to the location through your lens.

Cruise ship worker

Sailing the high seas aboard a cruise ship is certainly a great way to earn as you travel. Shift workers are paid well for the inconvenience of long stints away from home and although you’re required to work hard, when you make port you will be able to head off and explore. One of the great things about working on a cruise ship is that you can apply for a range of jobs, everything from beauty therapists to mechanics may apply.

Online tutor

If you have a skill for engaging people in learning then consider working online as a tutor and teaching English as a second language. You can apply for English tutoring jobs and work from anywhere in the world teaching a whole range of nationalities as you explore new places. Online English tutors that have good communication skills and expertise, can earn on average £15-25 per hour or even more, depending on other factors such as student reviews, teaching history, and of course, availability.


Travel presenter

If you aspire to travel the world and have a keen interest in television and media, working as a travel presenter could be the perfect career. Sharing off-beat destinations and unseen cultural highlights, part of the skill of presenting is being able to deliver information in an engaging way. Whether you start your own YouTube travel show or apply to a major network like National Geographic or the Travel Channel, creating travel video content is a sure-fire way of spending a lot of time travelling.

Flight Attendant

One of the most accessible and exciting ways to travel, working as a flight attendant can open up the door to regular international travel. It takes commitment to make it through the training, but once you’re qualified and have some experience under your belt you can pick and choose the routes you fly.

International Aid Worker

If you want to make a difference while travelling, consider becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer or an international aid worker such as the Red Cross or USAID. In these positions, you will visit countries far from the tourist trail and work with people that desperately need help due to wars, famines, and natural disasters. 

There are countless ways to see the world, but working in a career that offers you the opportunity to travel is an affordable way to see the world.