3 Of The Most Beautiful Winter Locations in Western Canada

You might be new to the western half of Canada, or you might have lived here your entire life. If you are new, welcome to your new home. If you are just part of the curious half that’s always lived here, you’d be surprised at how many people can spend a lifetime in an area without really getting to know it. 

Here’s where one can really get to know the best of the western half of Canada. Don’t, not for a second, think the snow and cold are going to slow these sights down. Believe it or not, many options here are even more beautiful during winter than they are at any other time of the year. 

Liard River Hot Spring

Just because it’s winter and you’re outside, does not mean that you need to be cold. If this sounds like your dream, it’s about time you got to know the hot springs. With this in mind, it’s easy to picture the perfect day where you take a trip deep into the woods and each snow-covered tree seems to be more beautiful than the last. 

Don’t be in a rush getting there, but once you finally arrive you’ll be greeted by 2 seemingly giant hot springs that are welcoming you to your destination. Once inside the springs, continue to enjoy the views and have the rest of your world melt away. If you are loving it, don’t think you have to leave that day. As long as you’ve planned ahead of time, you’ll be able to have a spot for yourself at the nearby campsite.


During each day of the year, something magical seems to happen in Vancouver and one of the best things about the city is nature. That might sound odd, being that the takeaway from the city is its nature, but once you see the views along the Sea-to-Sky Highway, snow-covered trees throughout your hike on the Grouse Grind, and take a walk through Stanley Park on a still, snow-covered evening, you are sure to quickly understand what that magic is.

Just because nature is the sight to see in the winter, don’t think each of its neighbourhoods isn’t wonderful. It isn’t where you are already settled, spend one weekend taking in the sights throughout the city and you’ll be looking at Homes For Sale in Vancouver and how to get season tickets to the Canucks games before you even leave the boundaries of the city. 

Glacier Skywalk

If beauty to you means an amazing view, this skywalk is exactly where you’ll want to head to during the winter. As long as you are alright with being suspended over 270 meters above ground, take the Icefields Parkway to get there and look until your heart’s content. 

The view’s main attraction is the unforgettable sight of Columbia Icefield which feeds 8 different glaciers, and you’ll also be able to see waterfalls, gorges, and wildlife. This is something to plan a trip to year-round, but it’s particularly a great option for those looking to see natural beauty during winter without having to go too deep into the woods to do so.

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