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A trip to Chicago would not have been complete without a trip to watch a game of baseball. The earliest recorded game in the Chicago area was played in August 1851 between amateur teams from Joliet and Lockport and today attracts fans from all over the country. There are two teams that play in the city, The Cubs at Wriggly Park and The White Sox at US Cellular Field. The decision of which team to watch was kindly made for us by the match scheduling, and as only the White Sox were playing at home during our stay we bought our tickets and took our seats in the grounds just as the match began.

Knowing very little about the sport we spent the majority of the time listening to a run down of play from the lady sat next to us. Clearly an avid fan she delighted in giving us a wealth of background information on the players and their recent performance. I am ashamed to say the information may as well have been given to me in Greek because despite her best efforts I in particular continued to have little clue what was going on. I did however cotton on to when to wave and point my big foam finger.

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  1. Pola ⎜ jettingaround

    Having grown up in Europe, I too didn’t know much about baseball until I came to the US. And I’ve been a White Sox fan since my first game (during which I got hit in the face with fireworks…). I’m glad you got to see my team (good choice). 🙂