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The State of Washington has thirteen border crossings accessible via vehicle across it’s 687 kilometre border with British Columbia, Canada.  The four that serve the Seattle / Vancouver area are the most frequented and can often involve a long wait to reach the border. On completing our house sitting assignment in Vancouver we planned to travel to Australia and activate our one year working holiday visas, however after lengthy researched in provide profitable to book our flight from the neighbouring USA and fly out of Seattle via a 5 day layover in Hawaii (Bonus). Our quandary then was how best and most economically should we make our way to Seattle, there are a number of low cost airline that operate flights from Vancouver and neighbouring regional airports but the most cost effective method was to travel by shuttle bus.

Unlike our recent border crossings in Central America this was in relative luxury, the ‘Quick Shuttle’ collects travellers from a number of points around the city and makes the four hour journey south. The fare includes fast track check in at the border and the option to stop off at Seattle’s out of town shopping complex.

Note: check online for up to date carriage restrictions, many fruits and food stuffs are prohibited from travelling into the USA, a sniffer dog foiled my attempt to smuggle two navel oranges, despite my glare at him afterwards his tail continued to wag. He clearly enjoys his work.

For just $43 you can travel in comfort with any amount of luggage from Vancouver to Seattle, if you have a wealth of time and a slim budget this is by far the best option. The bus dropped us off just outside the Space Needle where it is easy to jump on the monorail and change at the Westlake Mall for underground services all over the city.


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