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TThe UK is an amazing place to travel and has a huge amount of variety in things to see and do. However, it can also be an expensive and confusing place to get around if you’re not well prepared and informed. Below are 5 tips which we think will really enhance your experience in the UK if you are visiting as a foreigner…


Travelling by private means is over-rated. Almost any part of the UK is accessible via buses and train. Whether you want to quickly zip around the UK in cost effective high-speed fashion by train, or simply take in the view on a long-distance bus drive, public transport will save you a lot of money. Also, the major cities all have a bus tour company that will gladly ensure you get to see their most amazing features all on a convenient bus tour.


There are few accommodation options as authentic and rustic as log cabins. It is very easy to get snug in one of the many scattered across the UK. What’s more, cabins in the UK come in different types and cater for a large variety of budgets and are an eco friendly place to stay. Whether you are looking for a large high-end log cabin snugly nested in the Cotswolds like these, or a snug romantic one for only two with a spacious garden, they are quite easily available. The amenities are also as varied: with some sporting high-end saunas and others just having the bare minimum. All the same, a log cabin offers a private, snug, option for accommodation that you absolutely have to try out.


You cannot go wrong by learning proper Queen’s English right in the heart of the seat of the Commonwealth. Whether it is a short course in the University of London over the summer, or a language institute such as the ABC School, this can be a fun way to enjoy your stay, meet people and get your English spot on. The added advantage is that right after the class, you can wander around any of London’s 60+ tourist attractions and put your lessons to good use!


Some of England’s most tantalizing scenery is found in the quaint northern countryside. Here, treat yourself to Yorkshire’s rich countryside scenes, filled with beautiful towns and villages. If you fancy a bit of history, then try out Cheshire and Cumberland, among several other counties each with their own tasty historical nuggets. It is also in this region where we find the Lake District, a natural treat for the adventure traveller. Filled with nature trails, explore the area on bike or on foot, and during comfortable weather put up outside. This region rejuvenates and refreshes the urban weary.


Ever done your math for group travel and found it prohibitive? Well, one of the best ways of cutting on these costs is to stay in group accommodation. Not only does it turn out to be cheaper per person, it is also a great way to bond as a group and get a more luxurious place to stay. Enjoy a variety of accommodation options ranging from large regal castles, fancy manors, delightful lodges, to modern country homes. Whatever your budget and preference, you will always get something that will suit your taste.

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