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For the frequent flyer lost luggage is a reality that can not be escaped, the math is simple, the more you fly the more likely you are to become that 1 in 200 who will have baggage lost en route.

There are a number of things you can do to try and ensure your baggage arrives at your destination with you, however short of travelling with carry on alone there is always a risk that your bag will be misplaced at some point between check in and baggage claim.

Unfortunately, according to the statistics nearly 26 million bags go missing each year from airports around the world, however a recent survey discovered that 81% of travellers are interested in tracking their bags in real time.

Globatrac has created Trakdot Luggage in a bid to give travellers the upper hand when trusting airlines with their belongings.

Designed to track your luggage and feed its location to you at regular intervals via a custom app, SMS, email or the Trackdot website Globatrack want to give frequent flyers peace of mind when travelling.

The palm sized device fits discreetly into your luggage and rather than relying on GPS that drinks battery life, the Trakdot Luggage uses a quad-band GSM chip and triangulation. This means that if you install a fresh pair of AAs, which are generously included in the packaging, before travelling your Trakdot will be live and traceable in areas of mobile phone reception for two weeks.

A nifty product that although can not prevent the loss of airline baggage can at least help you retrieve your belongings and reassure you that the bag has not been taken by another traveller at the carousel in error.

I am sure that there would be other applications for the product in situations where it would be beneficial to monitor the location of belongings, for example when travelling on buses or trains, so we here at Wanderlusters think this is a piece of kit worth considering if you are a frequent or long term traveller.

The Trakdot luggage has just be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and will be available to purchase from March 2013 at a cost of $49.95, though a one time activation fee of $8.99 and an annual service fee of $12.99 will be required to keep it functional.

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