Three of the Most Unconventional Routes to Cruise in 2018

[dropcap size=big]F[/dropcap]or many people, cruising means swimming pools, water slides and plenty of activities and entertainment. But whilst this stereotype is what attracts so many people to cruises, it is the very same stereotype that puts many people off.

Nonetheless, there are plenty of options available for those seeking a more traditional cruising experience centred around a blissful combination of peaceful relaxation and exploration.

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For those seeking to experiencing novel and unique parts of the planet, there are bountiful opportunities available on the market. When you sail on ships such as an Azamara Cruises vessel, you can expect the focus to be on luxury, boutique-style accommodation and service, and full immersion in the culture and landscape of the destinations.

With longer stops at each destination and plenty of opportunities for excursions with knowledgeable guides, these unconventional routes tend to suit those looking for adventure and novelty – and they’re the best way to see parts of the world that most people miss.

Below are some of the best and most intriguing unconventional routes to cruise in 2018.


Whilst Alaskan cruises have soared in popularity in recent years, they remain an entirely different experience from the conventional cruises of the Caribbean and Mediterranean – and not just because of the climate!

Cruises in this region of the planet tend to focus on the dramatic landscapes being visited rather than on entertainment on board, with excursions to places like Tongass National Forest and Misty Fjords making this part of the world more accessible to travellers than ever before. For those looking for unique and exciting outdoor experiences, canoe trips on the Mendenhall Glacier and dog sledding in the deep snow should be more than enough to satisfy the thirst for adventure.


It’s a part of the world that everyone has heard of, and we all know the incredible tales concerning the construction of this engineering miracle, but few of us will ever experience it in person. And it’s not just the canal itself that is worth experiencing: this is a part of the world rich in natural beauty and offering an abundance of opportunities for outdoor adventures.

The region is an incredible natural showcase of dense rainforests and beautiful beaches, where those who want to will have the opportunity to take a boat ride through mangroves that teem with life and where you can observe wild crocodiles, or go on a mini-cruise through the iconic jungle landscape.


Whilst many people embark on cruises of the Mediterranean that include stops in the busiest and most famous ports, far fewer people consider a cruise that is focused on one of the Mediterranean’s many subdivisions.

The Adriatic Sea is the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean, and the Adriatic Coast is one of Europe’s most beautiful regions. Whilst much less well known and visited than many places in the Mediterranean, the Adriatic is a place where staggering cliffs and green mountains are reflected in the crystal clear waters of the ancient sea.

With excursions to underground cave complexes and stops in some of the most aesthetic and culturally rich locations in Europe, a cruise in this region will usually see you end up in Athens – where many would say Europe’s story truly began.

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