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Placed in the great country of Indonesia, Sumatra is the sixth biggest island on the planet and one  of the most amazing places you could find. Thanks to the lush of its jungles, the magnificent volcanoes, the deserted beaches that are scattered along the island and the mixture of cultures created by almost 40 million inhabitants, Sumatra offers many things to do and enjoy. You’ll most likely land in Jakarta before hoping on to your next destination, and if you need to find the best hotels the Grand Whiz Kelapa Gading is a great choice.


This is one of the largest resurgent caldera on Earth; it’s the largest lake in South East Asia, and the deepest in the world because it was formed 75,000 years ago after an earth splitting volcano eruption. Today it is also a great place to relax and enjoy the breathtaking view of this huge lake surrounded by mountains. Plus, there are several Agencies of Tourism who not only offer an exciting expedition but also facts about the Batak people including race, civilization and religion.


On the northern tip of Sumatra, you will find this great island best known for its snorkeling and diving sites with affordable prices that also include a bungalow. The life under water is simply spectacular and the bottom topography ranges from large boulders on sandy slopes and deep volcanic pinnacles to craggy wall sections and coral gardens. There are hundreds of species of coral, different types of fishes and other marine life around Pulay Weh. Wildlife on Weh includes monkeys, wild boar, monitor lizards and wide selection of colorful butterflies.


Source Ruben

Source Ruben

North Sumatra offers one of the only two places in the world where you can see semi-wild orangutans in a peaceful place located on a small village on the edge of Gunung Leuser National Park, where you’ll also be able to appreciate all the exotic flora and fauna too. This place is famous for the Bohorok Rehabilitation Centre now known as the Orangutan Centre; however there are several options like Taman Leuser near a small town called Ketambe where the orangutans live completely free.


The best way to experience the jungle and enjoy the sight is to go trekking. You can arrange 3 hours trekking, 6 hours or several tours on different days and the packages available usually include your food and coming back via tubing down the river. If you decide to do some trekking in Bukit Lawang, you’ll be able to see a bat cave, a suspension bridge, corn fields, and more.


Source leiris202

Source leiris202

One of the best things about travelling abroad is to have new experiences and the Padang cuisine has a variety of things for you to try. From grilled fish to spicy dishes like tempeh, satay, gadu-gadu (vegetables cooked with peanut sauce), sambal sauce (made with chili) and the worldly famous beef randang. Plus, all these dishes are usually very affordable too.

As you can see, whether you want to lay back and relax or do some exciting things on your vacation, Sumatra gives you a great variety of things to do. This island is your opportunity to get to know the exotic flora and fauna, familiarize with very different cultures, and create some fantastic memories.

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